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Japanese Info
Teacher CreatureKyoushiTeacher Creature (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
None (wears a hat)None (wears a hat)
Unknown (always underneath his hat)Unknown (always underneath his hat)
Nightmare Enterprises monsterHoly Nightmare Corporation monster
Frank Frankson
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Teacher Creature

Teacher Creature looks like a huge, green upside-down hat with arms and a second, red hat. He has a talisman on his face and is equipped with a teacher's stick that he uses to whack his enemies with. Teacher Creature is also capable of throwing chalk at his enemies as another attack.

Teacher Creature started out as a normal-looking hat and was around during the first time the Dedede Academy school was built. However, the hat was so magical and powerful that when King Dedede put him on certain teachers during a certain class, they went crazy and scared the children.

While wearing Teacher Creature on their heads, the teachers would be mean to their students and punish them and give them homework. When Teacher Creature landed on Tiff's head, she went crazy and tried to beat up on Kirby with her tyrannical teacher powers until Tuff knocked him off her head.

That was when Teacher Creature revealed his true form and started beating up on Kirby until Tiff came up with a plot device and realized that if Kirby could eat the chalk right out of Teacher Creature's hands he would become Fighter Kirby and be able to defeat him. So Kirby retaliated by inhaling the chalk right out of the monster's hands, and it worked. Kirby transformed into Fighter Kirby and easily kicked Teacher Creature's butt, after which the monster teacher exploded, taking out the entire school with him.

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