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Jim MackenJim MackenJim Macken (Black Butler II)
Earl Alois TrancyEarl Alois Trancy (アロイストランシー)
· · ·
The Queen's SpiderThe Queen's Spider
14 years (born November 5, 1875)14 years (born November 5, 1875)
5'5"165 cm
Queen's Spider, Deceased (end of series)Queen's Spider, Deceased (end of series)
"Don't leave me! Please!" (screaming in despair after finding his brother Luca's dead body)
Lucy ChristianNana Mizuki
Episode 1Episode 1
Black Butler IIKuroshitsuji II

Character Description: Jim Macken

Alois Trancy is a false noble under the service of Queen Victoria. False due to the fact that he was not born, or raised at least, under nobility. No, he grew up under the oppression and degradation of those around him, save for his younger brother Luca after their parents died.

Living under those conditions gave him a new outlook on life, twisting his mind to the point where he believed all those that had tormented and shunned himself and Luca should be annihilated. His wish came true... but at the price of his dear brothers life. This left even more severe emotional scars than ever before, causing him to become more unstable and dependent on the demon who serves him. After his village was destroyed, he was brought to one who was serving the queen before him, the former head of Trancy (they never do state his name in the anime, do they?) This Trancy head, known for being a pedophiliac, initially rejected Alois (Jim at that point) because of his 'filthy eyes'.

Sent to live with other young boys in a holding cell, he learned of a way to summon a 'fairy' using a mystic chant; 'Hoheo Taralna, Rondero Tarel.' Having an unusual dream that same night about running in a forest, he repeats the chant. When nothing happened, he may have been disappointed, but soon enough the dream would bring him face to face with a spider demon on his web. Jim did not, however have a clear desire at that point. Annoyed at being summoned without purpose, the spider demon sent Jim away, telling him to summon him again when he had a desire to be fulfilled. Before waking, Jim questioned the supernatural being. "Wait! Are you a fairy?" To which it replied, "Akuma" literally meaning 'demon.'

After deciding to try seducing the head of Trancy (he called him 'Father'), Jim had time to decide on what it was he wanted out of the demon, whom he would come to name Claude Faustus. Though he planned on delivering torment and suffering to the one who had contracted with Luca, all he really wanted was someone to love, someone who would love him back. This would lead him to trust the words of Claude, who had sent him after Sebastian, who at the time was in contract with Ciel. How he came to know about either of them is anyone's guess. As misplaced as his affections were, or seemed to be, Claude would always hold his affection. After the head of Trancy's 'mysterious' death, Alois took over as the Queen's spider. Although scrutinized by Arnold Trancy quite often, (Arnold did not believe that Jim was his long-lost kidnapped nephew, nor could he believe this 'sudden reappearance story) Alois was able to convince those that had been summoned (Viscount of Druitt Aleistor Chambers, a genuine nephew, and a preist) to test the level of truth behind Alois' story. Although changing the alias of Luca to Andrew, He kept by most of how the story went, leaving out the bits where he was violated by Earl Trancy.

They believed him and went on their way, Arnold still not quite convinced. A storm began to brew, and from it came a 'mysterious stranger.' This stranger happened to be Sebastian Michaelis, whom was looking for his young master's stolen soul. Having found the location of the soul (in his family's ring in a tea box) Sebastian made his escape, taking down a chandelier in the process and dousing the mansion in pitch black darkness. Alois screams and proclaims he is scared towards Claude, who turns on the lights by saying, 'light.'

Alois orders his servants after the fleeing Sebastian, with the exception of Claude. He clings to Claude, begging him not to leave, remembering Luca. Claude claims he will not leave, stating that he wants nothing more than to devour his master.

Alois and Claude stir up enough trouble that Ciel notices quickly. Sebastian already knows but cannot reveal anything for fear his master's memories may come back too soon for his own personal revenge. Instead, he tells Ciel that Alois is his new revenge object without blowing his cover.

Alois invites Ciel over for a dance in which their demons would face off. Ciel takes an opportunity to lure Alois inside and challenge him to a duel. Both battles seem ready to end with failure for the Phantomhive team, but Ciel makes a comeback by grabbing Alois' duel blade in one hand, and stabbing Alois in the stomach with the other. Both were losing a lot of blood, but Ciel kept fighting. He had enough fire in him to slap Claude across the face with his bad hand while Alois still writhed on he ground begging for help and mercy. Claude tastes some of the blood on his face and suddenly goes into a kind of 'trance'. (Watch his initial reaction and episode nine. Then tell me that's some kind of trance!)

The Phantomhive guests leave, and Claude looks at Alois with a disgust-filled glare, confusing the miserable wreck Alois. Later on, (in the next episode) Alois is shown to be injured severely. Hannah Annafellows, the Trancy maid, tries to change the bandages, but Alois goes into a rage, demanding she get Claude to change them instead. When he observes the stitches on Alois' body, Alois makes the remark that shakes his world up. He asks Claude if his blood makes the demon go crazy, to which Claude smiles (yes, SMILES!) and replies that there was that too. The very sight disgusts Alois. After the credits roll, Alois staggers toward a working Hannah, whom gets knocked down by the injured and forlorn child. He then demands that she take him to Ciel Phantomhive immediately. she loads up a carriage with him inside and rides away.

After that point, Alois is shown to need urgent medical attention,as his stomach wound is reopening. At this time, we are shown a flashback of his life, from childhood to then. The carriage is then forced off the road, and Grell the Grim Reaper makes an appearance. His presence is unwelcome, thus Alois orders Hannah to attack Grell. Hannah easily rips the roof right off the carriage. It's safe to say that now the audience is aware that she's a demon. While Hannah was fighting Grell, Alois crawled away, having more flashbacks. Coming to rest under a tree, a wolf comes near and pounces. Alois closes his eyes, ready for death.

Claude's voice rings out, saying that Alois hasn't completed his revenge yet. Alois opens his tear-soaked eyes and crawls on hands and knees to Claude. Clinging to Claudes legs, Alois cries and tells Claude that he will always be his highness. Kneeling down to bring his face eye level with Alois', Claude smiles and crushes Alois' skull. Sealing Jim's soul inside the Trancy family ring, Claude says aloud that he will always be by Jim's side. After he leaves the body behind, Hannah, torn up from her fight, lays on the body of Jim Macken, and does something involving his eye.

The ring is then used as a medium to take over the mind and soul of Ciel, causing him to reject Sebastian cruelly. This may have been more Alois than Ciel however. Regardless, Hannah revived the soul of Alois Trancy, using his eye in the back of her throat as a medium instead.

Due to Hannah Annafellow's confession upon containing Luca's soul and her love for Jim Macken, Alois realized the ones who loved him truly were right in front of him the whole time. Upon his contract made in Ciel's body Hannah staged a to-the-death bout between Sebastian Michaelis and Claude Faustus over the right to Ciel Phantomhives soul. Claude lost, and admitted he should have just stayed with Jim. Hannah informs Jim that Claude finally acknowledged him and devours his soul, setting it with Lucas. She then goes down and joins Claude's body, accepting death herself. The four are then together with Jim and Luca saying "everyone, everywhere, happy!" Thus the island collapses.

Alois had five servants, all of them demons. The triplet servants Thompson, Timber, and Canterbury, the maid Hannah, and Claude, the head butler.

Alois and his servants act mainly as foil towards Ciel and his servants. For example, Finny, Bard, and Mey-Rin have plenty of personality but not a lot of work skills, while the Demon Triplets are much more subdued and complete their work without trying.

As for appearance, he is usually seen in a red or purple based outfit, from his usual overcoat to his costume in episode 6. And his bipolar personality switches at random between happy and sweet to angry and violent in nothing flat. But no matter which side he's on, he seems to do things to purposely enrage or harm those around him.

This information was found on both kuroshitsuji.wikia.com and from the anime episodes on anilinkz.com.

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