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Soubi AgatsumaSoubi AgatsumaSoubi Agatsuma (Loveless)
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20 years old (born September 28)20 years old (born September 28)
Strawberry blonde/silverStrawberry blonde/silver
Type AType A
"I love you Ritsuka"
Episode 1Episode 1

Character Description: Soubi Agatsuma

Agatsuma Soubi is what's known as a "Fighter". Ritsuka is what's known as a "Sacrifice". The two work together to fight in what are known as "Spell Battles". Originally Soubi was Seimei's fighter, however once Seimei died he was ordered to seek out and serve Ritsuka, his twelve year old brother.

By finding Ritsuka he begins to forge a bond with the boy who still has his ears, telling him in the first episode that he won't make him lose his ears yet. Not until he's older. Being a friend of Seimei's, Ritsuka demands several times to know the truth of his death and about the Seven Moons. Soubi continually refuses. He also continually tells Ritsuka he loves him. Ritsuka is never sure if he's lying or not, but as the series goes on he seems to be telling the truth; that he's developed a feeling of love toward Ritsuka. He gave Ritsuka a cell phone, telling him that if he should ever call he would always answer it. But then, Soubi has a tendency to make promises he can't always keep.

Soubi Agatsuma (Loveless) In regards to Hitome, Ritsuka's teacher, he's made it clear that he has no interest in her by declaring he has no interest in women older than him as she is 23.

During the episode "Wareless" he gets super heated when he THINKS Ritsuka is kissing Yuiko on the Ferris Wheel. Later he finds out he was wrong and gains a better attitude toward everyone else.

He seems to have a boyfriend in the beginning of the anime, Kio. Though as time progresses he doesn't seem to be too interested in Kio as his interest and love for Ritsuka grows. Kio, on the other hand... I don't think he's gotten that point just yet. He occasionally calls Soubi a pervert because of his 'infatuation' with Ritsuka.

All in all though, Soubi is still connected to Seimei and not fully connected to Ritsuka as of yet. If Seimei were to be alive, (Ritsuka asked him this) and he commanded him to kill Ritsuka he probably would. When Ritsuka began to cry and run away he grabbed his hand and pulling him to him he told him that if that day ever came he would rather die. A life with Ritsuka means the most to him.

Character Description: Soubi Agatsuma

Soubi was trained in a special organisation called "Seven Moons" by the master Ritsu-sensei, and was the best student. The training was hard, Ritsu taught Soubi that physical pain is nothing and to prove that Soubi had to bear the lashing. As a result, Soubi got stronger, but still has unpleasant memories from "Seven Moons" and suffers psychologically.

It is believed that his life before meeting with Ritsuka was not easy. Soubi had worked as a drawing teacher, a draughtsman in a design office, a messenger, and probably some others. Now he studies in a University at a Japanese traditional painting faculty and lives with Kaidou Kio, his best friend and fellow-member. They probably had a romance, but after Ritsuka's appearance Soubi broke up with Koi.

Though Soubi spends plenty of time playing computer games at his Sony Vaio, he values most of all in his room a refrigerator he bought. He is sensitive and likes all flowers, his favourite being the Casablanca Lily. He doesn't swear, and likes relaxing music like Enigma. Though he may seem perfect, Soubi smokes a packet of "Seven Star" cigarettes per day.

Soubi says he is calm, but inside he is passionate and his body temperature is normally 36.5 C. He seems to be indifferent to people sometimes, though that is just a mask. When he fought against male Zero and won, he brought these wounded two home and let them stay. He would like to travel to Ayres Rock in Australia, and he likes American movies like "Reservoir Dogs", "Speed", "Scream", "Starship Troopers", "Mission Impossible", and "The Sixth Sense". Soubi doesn't like people without taste and likes tenderness and softness in people. He likes to work in silence; music prevents Soubi from concentrating.

Soubi says love is attachment and doesn't believe in friendship between women and men. His attitude towards women is strange. He is kind only to Shinonome-sensei and Ritsuka's mother, but they still irritate him. Soubi looks down on women and believes they can't understand.

Butterflies are a part of his soul and every time Soubi declares a spell battle they appear. His appearance in the anime is followed by a blue butterfly. He likes to draw them, and has butterfly-earrings. This creature symbolizes love and betrayal. Maybe that has to do with Ritsuka's question about Seimei and his dream when Soubi's once again Seimei's Fighter and is ordered to kill Ritsuka.

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