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Character Profile: Arsene Lupin III

USA Info
Japanese Info
Arsene Lupin III Arsene Lupin III Arsene Lupin III (Lupin III)
The Wolf  
Human Human
Male Male
20-30 years 20-30 years
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
About 5'10" 179 cm
About 139 lbs 63 kg
Master thief Master thief
David Hayter(Streamline dubs) Toshio Furukawa
· · ·
Sonny Strait(Funimation dubs)  
· · ·
Tony Oliver(Pioneer dubs)  
· · ·
Sean Barker(Castle of Cagliostro)  
Lupin III Lupin Sansei
· · ·
The Castle of Cagliostro  

Character Description: Arsene Lupin III

He is the third generation Arsene Lupin. Though he lacks the style of his grandfather, the "Gentleman Thief," this Lupin nonetheless holds his own staggering reputation as a master thief. He'll take on any challenge, no matter how impossible it may seem. To him, challenge only ices the cake: the tougher the challenge, the sweeter the prize. He always loves to make a staggering entrance...only to vanish later like a ghost, leaving you with only the fact that Lupin III was here. It's his style, and it infuriates Inspector Zenigata to no end.

In his free time, Lupin looks almost comical, frequently chasing after pretty girls (to Jigen's constant frustration). If his crown jewel Fujiko isn't around, he'll happily flirt with any lady that's nearby: usually without success. But once he's on the job, the awkwardness drops away and Lupin becomes the professional thief. His is a brilliant mind, always capable of hatching a plan (sometimes even on the fly) to get the loot or get away. And to add fuel to Zenigata's fire, he also has a knack for slipping out of handcuffs.

Lupin is allergic to polyps, carries a Walther P38, and likes to travel in his signature sports coat. Incidentally, the sports coat is how you can tell the series in which Lupin appears. The first TV series always shows Lupin in a green sports coat. A red sports coat (the most common color) is used in the second series, while he wears a pink coat in the third series.

Character Description: Arsene Lupin III

A notorious thief, Arsene Lupin the Third is the third descendant in a family of successful thieves. No heist is too big for this master criminal and his associates: his partner/gunman Jigan, the ninja Goemon, and the beautiful Fujiko. They are constantly pursued by Interpol agent Zanigata who always fails to catch them. Even though he is a thief, Lupin is always ready and willing to help someone in need, often risking his own life to do so. He is a theif with a heart of gold.

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