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Dorie GoodwynDoremi HarukazeDorie Goodwyn (Magical DoReMi)
8 years old (Born July 30)8 years old (Born July 30)
About 3'7"About 109 cm
Patina's First ApprenticePatina's First Apprentice
"I am the most misunderstood girl in the world."
Amy PalantChiemi Chiba
Magical DoReMiOjamajo Doremi
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Magical DoReMi #Ojamajo Doremi #
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Magical Doremi Mo~ttoOjamajo Doremi Mo~tto

Character Description: Dorie Goodwyn

Dorie is an elementary school who lives in Port Mystic and has always wanted to be a witch. She gets her wish when she said "Your a witch!" to Patina, the owner of the Rusty Broom magic shop, and it turned the owner into a green blob. Now the only way for the owner to get back to normal is to train Dorie to be a witch, and thus she becomes Patina's first apprentice.

A few days later, Dorie brought her two friends Reanne Griffith and Mirabelle Haywood to the Rusty Broom magic shop (soon to be called the DoReMi Magic shop). Once her two friends found out that Dorie was a witch, Patina and Lorelei decided to make them Witchlings as well. Now all three of them are true Witchlings taking tests and all that good stuff.

As a witchling, Dorie isn't very skilled. There's this guy in her class that keeps making fun of her. She failed her first test, but later passes and she gets a fairy, called Dodo. Mirabelle and Reanne's fairies are called Mimi and Rere.

Dorie is a girl who has lots of crushes. She is always clumsy and careless, but also very friendly, and had always dreamed of being a witch even before she met Patina. She not only turned Patina into a little green blob, but also took her Rusty Broom magic shop and turned it into the DoReMi magic shop. Her favorite food is steak; she is obsessed! Even though she has a huge appetite for steaks, she sadly doesn't succeed in getting one throughout the series.

Dorie's favorite and signature color is pink. She wears an eight note shaped barret. She also has a smart yet obnoxious sister named Caitlyn.

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