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Character Profile: MegaMan

USA Info
Japanese Info
MegaMan Rockman MegaMan (Megaman NT Warrior)
  R-RockMan(Cross fusion with Netto)
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Saito Hikari Saito Hikari
NetNavi NetNavi
Male Male
Black Black
Green Green
Lan's NetNavi Netto's NetNavi
"I'm ready. In fact, I'm mega-ready!"  
Andrew Francis Kimura Akiko
Megaman NT Warrior Rockman.EXE

Character Description: MegaMan

MegaMan was programmed by the renowned scientist, Dr. Hikari, and was given to his son Lan as a gift for entering the fifth grade. MegaMan may seem tiny and weak, but he's actually one of the most powerful and courageous NetNavis around!

MegaMan's standard weaponry focuses on his Mega Buster, an arm cannon that fires purple laser shots, which he can also charge for a more powerful blast. Later in the series, MegaMan also obtains a unique ability called Style Change, which allows him to temporarily alter his elemental status and weaponry style in certain occasions.

The styles include HeatGuts, ElecTeam, WoodShield, AquaCustom, and the glitchy Bug style.

Character Description: MegaMan

MegaMan is Lan Hikari's Net-Navi made by Lan's dad, Dr. Hikari. MegaMan is constantly getting after Lan for being late, not doing his homework, or something. MegaMan is more like a big brother to Lan then anything, so MegaMan has teasing rights to Lan.

Lan and MegaMan have been together for some time, and there's a really tight friendship that can't be broken between them. Proof of this was shown when MegaMan was deleted by PharaohMan. MegaMan was able to send his data to Lan and his friends PET's (PErsonal Terminal) and using the data, with the help of his friends and his dad, Lan was able to bring MegaMan back to life.

In the videogame, MegaMan is Lan's older brother, reborn into a Navi. MegaMan's human name was Saito. Saito died somewhere around age 4-6 due to a disease incurable at the time. Yuiichiro gathered some DNA from Saito and was able to resurrect Saito in the form a Navi, who would soon be known as MegaMan.

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