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Anime Profile: Megaman NT Warrior

USA Info
Japanese Info
Megaman NT Warrior(seasons 1 & 2) Rockman.EXE(ロックマン エグゼ)(season 1) Megaman NT Warrior
· · ·
Megaman NT Warrior Axess(season 3) Rockman.EXE Axess(ロックマンエグゼ・アクセス)(season 2)
· · ·
  Rockman.EXE Stream(ロックマンエグゼ・ストリーだ)(season 3)
14 TV episodes(season 1) 25 TV episodes(season 1)
· · ·
25 TV episodes(season 2) 30 TV episodes(season 2)
May 17, 2003 Mar 4, 2002–Mar 31, 2003(Rockman.EXE)
· · ·
  Oct 4, 2003–Sept 25, 2004(Rockman.EXE Axess)
· · ·
  Oct 2, 2004–Sept 24, 2005(Rockman.EXE Stream)
ShoPro, The Ocean Group Capcom, XEBEC, TV Tokyo, Shogakukan
  Capcom(based on the videogame series)
  Takao Kato(all 3 Seasons)
Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Mega Man  
· · ·
Mega Man Star Force Ryuusei No Rockman
-- listed below -- -- listed below --

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Anime Characters: Megaman NT Warrior

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Chaud Blaze Enzan Ijuuin Metalman Metalman
Glide Glyde Misaki Gorou Misaki Gorou
GutsMan Gutsman Mistman Mistman
Kid Grave Shuryou Gospel Miyu Kuroi Miyuki Kuroi
Lan Hikari Netto Hikari Mr. Higsby Higure Yamitaro
Mayl Sakurai Meiru Sakrai Mr. Match Kenichi Hino
MegaMan Rockman EXE Mr. Wily Lord Wily
ProtoMan Blues Ms. Mari Mariko Oozono
Raika Laika NeedleMan NeedleMan
Ribitta Midorikawa Kero NumberMan Numberman
Roll Roll Pharoahman Pharoahman
Yai Ayano Yaito Ayanokouji PlantMan PlantMan
Anetta Anetta PrisMan PrisMan
Aquaman Aquaman Ran Igarashi Ran Igarashi
Bass Forte Red Red
Blasterman Bombman Rush Rush
Bowlman Bowlman Sal Saloma
Brightman Brightman SavageMan BeastMan
BubbleMan BubbleMan Searchman Searchman
Burnerman Burnerman ShadeMan ShadeMan
Coldman Coldman Sharkman Sharkman
Count Zap Count Elec Shuuko Kido Shuuko Kido
Cutman Cutman Shuuseki Ijuin Shuuseki Ijuin
Desertman Desertman Silk Silk
Dex Dekao Oyama Skullman Skullman
Dr. Regal Dr. Regal Sparkman Sparkman
Dynamo Dynamo Starman Starman
Elecman Elecman Stoneman Stoneman
Flashman Flashman Swordman Swordman
Freezeman Freezeman Tamako Tamako
Gravityman Gravityman Toadman Toadman
Iceman Iceman Torchman Fireman
Junkman Junkman Tory Froid Tohru Hikawa
Kifune Kifune VideoMan VideoMan
Laserman Laserman Wackoman Coloredman
Maddy Madoi Iroaya Windman Windman
Magicman Magicman Woodman Woodman
Manabe Manabe Yahoot Mahajarama
Maysa Masa Yuriko Oozono Yuriko Oozono

Anime Description: Megaman NT Warrior

The year is 200X. The world has become largely dependent on the technology of computers and cyber-space... even normal microwave ovens have their own internet network! Almost everyone carries around a device called a PET (Personal Exploration Terminal), a portable computer for everyday use. Within a PET lies a digital warrior program called a Net Navi, used for combat against viruses and other net navis!

Based on the popular MegaMan Battle Network RPG series, MegaMan NT Warrior stars a young boy named Lan Hikari and his crime-fighting cyber avatar, MegaMan. With the help of Lan's childhood friend Maylu Sakurai, the over-confident loud-mouth Dex Oyama, the intelligent and rich Yai Ayano, the timid Tory Froid, and Lan's powerful rival Chaud Blaze... they thwart net crime syndicates, like the World Three and Grave, that are bent on world domination!

MegaMan NT Warrior began as a video-game for the Game Boy Advance system and then continued to a hit manga by CoroCoro Comics (which is translated by Viz). In March 2002, the anime debut in Japan as Rockman EXE and was eventually dubbed into English after its 56-episode finale a year later. The show is dubbed by ShoPro Entertainment, responsible for the English distribution of other popular anime titles like Hamtaro, InuYasha, and Sonic X.

The series was also continued in October 2003 with the more mature-oriented Rockman EXE Axess.

Note: The original un-edited version of this description was submitted by Paper Ace Chase, who originally wrote it for TV Tome's profile of MegaMan: NT Warrior.

Anime Description: Megaman NT Warrior

In the future, all around the world people have things known as PET's, and inside these PET's there are things known as Net-Navi's. Lan Hikari, a young boy living in Dentech City, is the grandson of the famous man who create the NetNavi concept, Dr. Hikari. Lan receives a PET from his father with a Net-Navi called MegaMan.

Lan and MegaMan began their adventures in the N1 Grand Prix. Along with friends, they fought against an evil group of people known as World Three. After World Three was defeated, a new group of baddies emerge, called the grave Syndicate. The battles heated up as MegaMan and Lan learned about the legendary Program Advance and tried to master this powerful attack.

Lan's father developed a new technology called "Dimensional Area", allowing digital objects to appear in the Real World. However, the Darkloids (NetNavis from the Nebula organization) took advantage of it, and now can wreak havoc in both worlds. To combat the new threat, Lan was one of few NatBattlers to gain the "Cross-Fusion" technology, allowing an operator and his/her NetNavi to merge into a single being with great power. Even Lan's friend/rival, Chaud Blaze, was given this new ability, until ProtoMan took a Dark Chip and replaced Shademan as the leader of the Darkloids. MegaMan also gained the 'Soul' ability, taking on the power and form similar to a alley NetNavi. While Lan and company deal with Dr. Regal and Nebula, the enigmatic Bass lies in wait....

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