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Character Profile: Dr. Ben K. Shinobi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dr. Ben K. ShinobiDr. Ben K. ShinobiDr. Ben K. Shinobi (My My Mai)Dr. Ben K. Shinobi (My My Mai)
The Black Count
· · ·
The Quack of the Red-light district
Late 20's to early 30'sLate 20's to early 30's
Jack RockwellSho Hayami
Episode 1Episode 1
My My MaiMy My Mai

Character Description: Dr. Ben K. Shinobi

Dr. Ben K. Shinobi usually hangs around the seedier portions of Tokyo's Shinjuku district. He is a doctor (although unlicensed) and is an expert in all forms of Asian medicine, especially acupuncture. Normally, he is a handsome, charming, very kind man, and is willing to help out a lady in distress.

But he also has a very BIG problem... he is also prematurely bald (a single, small tuft of brown hair remains), and whenever he loses his wig, his personality transforms into a perverted, hostile quack. As a result, the two sides to this person has different names, Dr. Ben K Shinobi is given to the pervert, while the kinder side is referred to as "The Black Count".

Mai Waku had was hired to find Shinobi, who was believed to be the only one that could save a young girl who was dying from a strange malady. However, it became apparent that she had to somehow rid him of the pervert side in order for it to be a success.

It was with help from Shinjuku Granny that Mai found out she could eradicate the hostile side of Shinobi through acupuncture. However, the vital point was located at the base of his scrotum. She had waited until Shinobi was asleep before she could afflict the cure. However, she missed the point, causing the perverted side to attack Mai. However, no matter what erotic torture Shinobi used on the girl, Mai's rather large breasts thwarted any attempt. But something else happened which saved her. It seem that, while Mai missed the point that would've affected his personality, she hit the point that stimulated hair growth – and as a result, Shinobi grew a full head of hair, submerging the perverted side forever and bringing forth the personality of the Black Count.

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