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LokiLokiLoki (Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok)
8 years old (child form), about 20 years old (adult form)8 years old (child form), about 20 years old (adult form)
Dark Brown (child), Light brown (adult)Dark Brown (child), Light brown (adult)
Green (normally), Red (when angry)Green (normally), Red (when angry)
4'0" (child form), 6'0" (adult form)122 cm (child form), 183 cm (adult form)
God, Paranormal DetectiveGod, Paranormal Detective
Sakurai Takahiro (adult)
Episode 1Episode 1
Mythical Detective Loki RagnarokMatantei Loki Ragnarok

Character Description: Loki

Loki is the Norse God of mischief, or, chaos. He was banished to Earth by Odin, the Norse chief God because he "kinda overdid with the evil jokes" (source: Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok manga volume 1, chapter 1, page 46). Loki was told that the only way to ever return to the world of Gods again was to collect enough evil spirits to return. Therefore, to make his job easier, Loki sets up Enjaku Detective Agency. Mayura Daidouji was employed to work in the Agency, partly because she is mystery-crazed. Loki soon befriends her.

In Episode 14, the Fantasy Flower, Odin came to Earth as a flower. He came to the room where Loki stores his evil spirits and removed all of the spirits, so Loki cannot return. Thus, until Loki destroys the flower, he is temporarily transformed into his adult form. But he destroys the flower and got back his child form.

In a later episode, when Loki decides to leave Midgard to return to Asgard, he returned to his true form after Hel dies. In the final episode, he asked Verdandi to create a barrette with her alchemy to erase Mayura's memory of the time the gods were there. Loki had packed up all of his belongings as though he was moving. He stayed in his study and when Mayura came to the house he did not respond to her, instead Yamino told Mayura that Loki had disappeared the day before.

He followed Mayura as she searched for him, holding the barrette. When Mayura found Loki in the park, she thought he was someone else. As Mayura got up to leave, Loki told her that he was a god and he would grant her one wish. Mayura told Loki that she didn't believe in God since her mother died after she prayed and prayed not to take her away. She was about ready to leave when she told Loki that if he really was a god, her one wish was to find Loki.

Loki crushed the barrette in his hand. When night had fallen and the Enjaku Detective Agency was empty, she stood in front of the gates and she heard familiar voice. Loki was standing right behind her and she embraced him. She cried, 'Thank God'.

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