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Character Profile: Jubei Kibagami

USA Info
Japanese Info
Jubei Kibagami Jubei Kibagami Jubei Kibagami (Ninja Scroll)
Human Human
Male Male
26 years 26 years
Black Black
Black Black
Ninja Ninja
"Burn in your golden hell Gemma"  
Ninja Scroll Jubei Ninpucho

Character Description: Jubei Kibagami

Jubeii is a self hiring Ninja who roams the side of feudal Japan. He meets up with an old man named Dakuwan (looks like Niccotine from Samuri Showdown). Together, with a female ninja named Kagero, the battle against the evil Shogunate government. Unfortunately for these 3, the government has the 8 devils of Kimon, who prove to be quite lethal adversaries. Jubei is known for his expert sword fighting, and lightning fast body attacks. Of course no hero would be ready to fight without cunning intelligence as well!

Character Description: Jubei Kibagami

Jubei is a very intelligent and calculating person. He has very sharp wits and is very good with a sword and making attack and defense strategies. He's basically the perfectly well rounded warrior. No matter what the odds, Jubei will always fight with all of his heart if it's something he believes in (whether that be protecting Kagero or killing Gemma).

Character Description: Jubei Kibagami

Jubei Kibagami is one of the main characters in Ninja Scroll. He is the troubled hero who drifts between the villages of ancient Japan, never knowing where he'll end up next. Previously he fought in a group of people to try and stop Gemma. Jubei killed Gemma, but unbeknown to Jubei, Lord Gemma returned to life, and is out to seek revenge.

He appears to have a releaxed attitude towards people like Dakuwan and Kagero at first, but as the film progresses we see his emotional side, and the fact that he has grown to show his true feelings. He is respectful towards women - when Kagero puts herself down he tells her that he hates people who have low opinions of themselves. He also doesn't make love to her when she gives him the chance. He simply hugs her. What a nice young man!

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