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Character Profile: Lieutenant Tashigi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lieutenant TashigiLieutenant TashigiLieutenant Tashigi (One Piece)
21 years old21 years old
5'7"170 cm
Marine, Master chief petty officerMarine, Master chief petty officer
"YOU!" (to Zolo)"YOU!" (to Zoro)
· · ·
"Yes Sir" (to Chaser)"Yes Sir" (to Smoker)
Priscilla Everette
Louge townLouge town
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Lieutenant Tashigi

Tashigi is a clumsy marine. Her first appearance was when she was jumped by two very ugly thugs. Zolo, watching the entire time, tries to help, but Tashigi drew her sword shigure and beat them in an instant, leaving everyone watching, especially Zolo, speechless.

After Tashigi beat the two thugs, she tripped and lost her glasses. They landed at Zolo's feet. When he tried to give them back, she looked up blushing, and an image of Kuina appeared. Zolo, shocked, accidentally breaks her glasses.

Tashigi's goal is to remove all named swords. She also has a Father/Daughter relationship with Smoker. Tashigi helped Zolo pick another sword at the Rouge town sword shop.

However, when she learned that Zolo had turned from pirate hunter to pirate, she became enraged and seeks a duel with him. Fortunately for Zolo, Tashigi can't fight unless she has her glasses on--and this spoils the nostalgia effect on Zolo. But losing her initial fight with Zolo simply makes her angrier that the famed hunter has (in her eyes) sunk so low, so she's eager to accompany Captain Chaser in pursuit of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, by the time they finally catch up in Alabasta, Tashigi suddenly discovers that the Straw Hat Pirates aren't as fierce as their reputation has her believe. After coming out second best in a tangle with Nico Robin, she eventually sees Luffy himself approach, looking for Crocodile. Though it went against what she was taught to do, she decided to tell him. Eventually, the fact that the Straw Hat Pirates saved Alabasta and (Luffy especially) were instrumental in Crocodile's apprehension forces Tashigi to re-evaluate her stance on Luffy's crew (her captain experienced a similar epiphany).

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