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Anime Profile: Transformers: Armada

USA Info
Japanese Info
Transformers: Armada Super Living-Robot Transformers: The Legend of Micron Transformers: Armada
· · ·
  Transformers: Micron Legends
· · ·
  Cho Robot Seimei Tai Transformer Micron Densetsu
52 TV episodes 52 TV episodes
August 23, 2002 Jan 10, 2002
Cartoon Network TV Tokyo, Aeon, Dangun, Hangzhou, M.S.J. Musashino, Seisakujo
  Hidehito Ueda
Action, Mecha Action, Mecha
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-- listed below -- -- listed below --

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Characters: Transformers: Armada

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Blurr(MC-08) Silverbolt Laserbeak(MC-05) Cyber Hawk
Cyclonus(MD-04) Sandstorm Leader-1(MD-01) Barrel
Demolishor(MD-03) Ironhide Liftor(MC-04) Lift
Grindor(MM-01) Bank Longarm(MC-02) Hook
Highwire(MM-01) Wheelie Makeshift Twist
Hot Shot(MC-03) Hot Rod Mirage(MM-05) Indy
Megatron Megatron Nemesis Prime Scourge
Optimus Prime Convoy Nightbeat(MC-10) Cha
Red Alert(MC-02) Ratchet Nightscream --?--
Sideways(MX-01) Double Face Oceanglide(MM-15) Float
Smokescreen(MC-04) Grab Oval(MM-06) Nitro
Star Saber/Dark Saber(MM-02) Star Saber/Dark Saber Over-Run Surge
Starscream(MD-02) Starscream Overload(MC-14) Ultra Magnus
Sureshock(MM-01) Arcee Payload(MM-13) Apollo
Thrust(MD-05) Thrust Perceptor(MM-01) Bumble
Unicron(MX-00) Unicron Predacon --?--
Alexis Alexa Prowl --?--
Armorhide --?-- Rad(aka Bradley White) --?--
Astroscope(MM-13) Mir Ramjet(MD-06) Sonic
Backtrack(MM-06) Auto Ransack(MM-16) Winch
Billy --?-- Refute Spark Lift
Blackout(MD-03) Search Requiem Blaster(MM-13) Astro Blaster
Bonecrusher(MM-03) Bomb Rollbar Dirt
Broadside --?-- Rollout(MC-07) Magnus
Buzzsaw(MM-04) Wheel Rook(MX-01) Bright
Carlos --?-- Run-Over Sweep
Clench Spark Barrel Runway(MM-02) Jetter
Cliffjumper --?-- Scattor --?--
Comettor(MC-09) Sonar Scavenger(MC-07) Devastar
Corona Sparkplug --?-- Side Burn --?--
Crosswise(MX-01) Shadow Side Swipe(MC-10) Stepper
Crumplezone(MD-04) Canon Skid-Z --?--
Dead-End Bug Sky Blast(MM-13) Move
Dirt Boss(MM-05) Drift Skyboom Shield(MM-05) Cosmictector
Downshift(MM-05) Spin Skywarp --?--
Drillbit(MM-04) Crash Slapper --?--
Dualor(MM-04) Duster Sludge --?--
Dune Runner(MM-16) Spike Snarl --?--
Fetch --?-- Sonar(MM-02) Shuttler
Firebot Draft Spiral(MM-06) Jiku
Fred --?-- Stormcloud(MM-15) Sail
Grimlock --?-- Swindle(MD-02) Grid
Gunbarrel(MM-11) Glide Terradive(MM-11) Recon
Hoist(Smokescreen 2)(MC-11) Grab Super Mode Thunderclash --?--
Iceberg(MM-16) Junk Thundercracker(MD-09) Starscream Super Mode
Incinerator(MC-08) Turbo Thunderwing(MM-11) Frame
Inferno(MD-05) Thunder Tidal Wave(MD-06) Shockwave
Ironhide --?-- Waterlog(MM-15) Knot
Jetfire(MC-09) --?-- Wheeljack(MD-07) Rampage
Jetstorm(MM-02) Mach Wind Sheer Hawk
Jolt(MC-03) --?-- Wreckage(MM-03) Crack
Knock-Out(MM-03) Shot Zap-Master(MD-09) Spark Grid

Anime Description: Transformers: Armada

Rad and Carlos are best friends who are about 14-15 years old, and decide to go exploring the old mountain in their neighborhood. Alexis is Rad's other friend, about the same age. She refuses to go along with them. When they leave for the mountain, two boys named Billy and Fred follow them. They're basically bullies from the school. At the entrance of the cave, Carlos ties a string of rope to a rock to help them find the way back out. Billy and Fred follow, but they lose track of them and get lost. Rad and Carlos come across an old, undiscovered part of the mountain that nobody knew about. It looked like a space ship crashed into the mountain some years back. Rad finds a little hexagon shaped object in the ground glowing a green color.

When he touches it, an earthquake starts, and three lights shoot from the thing. Alexis finds out that the epicenter of the quake is at the mountain where Rad and Carlos are, and hurries over to make sure they're alright. The boys find a way out, Rad still holding the strange object, and so do Fred and Billy, but they don't end up in the same place. When they leave the cave, the strange object glows again, and transforms into a small robot. Then a really huge robot, Megatron, leader of the evil Decepticons, appears and attempts to capture the little robot.

The little robot's head starts spinning, and it takes on the same characteristics as a bike, transforming into one, telling Rad and the others to get on (though Rad is the only one who can understand it). Megatron chases them, and throws a rock with an extremely high force at them, causing them to fall. When the Megatron reaches for Rad and the little robot, another really huge robot appears telling him to stop. It's Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, who are the good guys. As they begin to battle, another robot shows up. This one is Starscream, another Decepticon. Right after him comes Red Alert, an Autobot. Right after Red Alert, comes Demolisher, a Decepticon. And after Demolisher comes Hot Shot, an Autobot.

As soon as they start to fight, Megatron tells them to retreat. After they leave, the Autobots look for the kids who have the mini-con. It's later explained, after all the formalities, that the mini-cons are what the two races are fighting about. When linked with an Autobot or a Decepticon, their power increases greatly, and that the Decepticons want to use them to control everything. They also explain that the mini-cons were sent to Earth to hide them from the Decepticons, but when the mini-con signature was detected, the two groups came to Earth, scanning vehicular forms so that they could fight without the general populace knowing about it.

So Rad and his friends, joined by Billy and Fred, decided to help the Autobots find the Minicons, which are scattered all over the world, before the Deceptions do.

As time passed, more Autobots (Smokescreen, Scavenger, Blur, Jetfire, and Sideswipe) and Decepticons (Thrust, Wheeljack, and TidalWave) appear to join the fight. Even a mysterious Transformer named Sideways joins the fray, but his agenda was unknown. By the time the three most powerful Minicon Triads were awakened and the battles moved to Cybertron, it was revealed that the Minicons' Creator/Arch-Enemy was Unicron. Unicron takes advantage of the Cybertron War with his acolyte Sideways and the newly recruited Thrust helping him. This made the Autobot and Deceptions have no choice but to join forces to fight the titanic Unicron.

When transformed, Optimus Prime is a tractor truck, Hot Shot is a sports car, and Red Alert is an emergency vehicle. For the Decepticons, Megatron is a tank, Demolisher is a anti-aircraft vehicle, Starscream is a jet-fighter, and Cyclonus an Apache helicopter.

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