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Anime Profile: Transformers: Beast Wars II

USA Info
Japanese Info
Transformers: Beast Wars IITransformers: Beast Wars IITransformers: Beast Wars II
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Transformers: Beast Wars Second
43 TV Episodes, 1 OVA episode
Apr. 01 1998–Jan. 27, 1999
TV Tokyo
Akira Nishimori
Action, Comedy, MechaAction, Comedy, Mecha
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Characters: Transformers: Beast Wars II

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
-- none -- βŠ• Lio Convoy βŠ• -- none -- βŠ• Artemis βŠ•
-- none -- βŠ• Galvatron βŠ• B'boom βŠ• Apache βŠ•
-- none -- βŠ• Majin Zarak βŠ• Bonecrusher βŠ• BigHorn βŠ•
-- none -- βŠ• Thrust βŠ• Claw Jaw βŠ• Scuba βŠ•
-- none -- βŠ• Dirge βŠ• Ironhide βŠ• Santon βŠ•
-- none -- βŠ• BB βŠ• Optimus Primal βŠ• Convoy βŠ•
-- none -- βŠ• Starscrem βŠ• Prowl βŠ• LioJunior βŠ•
-- none -- βŠ• Megastorm βŠ• Silverbolt βŠ• Skywarp βŠ•
-- none -- βŠ• Ikard βŠ• Snarl βŠ• Tasmanian Kid βŠ•
-- none -- βŠ• Moon βŠ• Spittor βŠ• Diver βŠ•

Description: Transformers: Beast Wars II

Due to the populairty of the Transformers: Beast Wars show, Takara and TV Tokyo set up their own series. In a plot that paralles the Beast Wars series, Beast Wars Second is about the Cybertrons trying to stop the evil Destrons from stealing the mysterious Angolmois energy located in the planet Gaia.

These events are conveniently overseen by Gaia's two observers, Artemis and Moon. However, due to the Gaia's "rust atmosphere", the Cybertrons scan animal-modes while most of the Destrons did the same with the anicent Gaian vehicles on a computer they uncovered.

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