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Character Profile: Sideways

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sideways Doubleface Sideways (Transformers Armada)
Rook Hikari
· · ·
Crosswise Yami
Transformer(robot) Transformer(robot)
Male Male
None None
Pink(Autobot), Yellow(Decepticon) Pink(Autobot), Yellow(Decepticon)
Spy/Unicron's Acolyte Spy/Unicron's Acolyte
"Boy, I'd sure love to teach you a thing or two. The problem is, I'm on your side and I wouldn't wanna beat ya."  
Paul Spencer Dobson Takahiro Sakurai
Transformers Armada Transformers: Micron Legends

Character Description: Sideways

Sideways is a ninja-type Transformer who just "wandered" to Earth. His scanned a Motorcycle as his alternate form, with his Minicon as the driver. At first, he sided with the AutoBots, but he back-stabs Hot Shot and gave the StarSaber to Megatron as proof of his loyalty.

Mysterious and silent, he reveals little about himself. He plays around with the Decepticons' heads, trying to get Megatron and Starscream to kill each other. But when Thrust appeared, he revealed to Megatron that SideWays was a traitor, and Megatron kills him, or so it seemed...

SideWays somehow survived and convinced Thrust, who was sick of being disrespected by Megatron, to join forces with him. It was SideWays who gave Thrust the notion of the HydraCannon, while hiding in the shadows. Once on Cybertron, it turns out the TRUE SideWays is his Minicon (which splits into Rook and Crosswise which form his helmets), created by Unicron to set everything up for the giant's reawakening.

When Optimus and Megatron entered Unicron's core chamber, SideWays (who willingly let Unicron possessed him) immobilized them so his master could take over Optimus' body. But it was kids and their Minicons that freed the Minicon Triads from Unicron's control, thus he slowly weakens. SideWays tried to run-down Highwire for betraying their "father", but Optimus used the Requiem Blaster to blast the SideWays Minicon into bits.

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