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Character Profile: Starscream

USA Info
Japanese Info
Starscream Starscream Starscream (Transformers Armada)
Thundercracker StarStream SuperMode
Transformer(robot) Transformer(robot)
Male Male
None None
Yellow Yellow
Decepticon Air Soldier Decepticon Air Soldier
Michael Dobson Jin Yamanoi
Transformers Armada Transformers: Micron Legends

Character Description: Starscream

Starscream is one of the Decepticons Megatron brought with him to Earth. Starscream views himself as nothing more than a soldier. Despite that, he was very insolent and saw Megatron unfit to be leader. He scanned a jet fighter as alternate mode and was last of Megatron's primary group to get his own Minicon, Swindle.

Megatron resented Starscream's rebelliousness, but appreciated having a scapegoat around on whom to blame if things went wrong. Sideways took advantage of the heated issue on many occasions before Thrust exposed him. But when Starscream was left behind to fend for himself, while the others go after the Reqium Blaster, he took the StarSaber with him and joined the Autobots.

However it was short lived when Thrust offered Starscream a place of power in the new world order Unicron and Sideways were planning, as the new Deception leader. Starscream accepted sadly, but remembered what he learned from the kids, especially Alexis. During the trip to Cybertron, Swindle "sacrificed" his life to help the mortally wounded Starscream, transforming him into SuperMode (the word "sacrificed" is in quotes because we later find out that they're actually still alive).

When Hot Shot tried to reason Megatron into helping the Autobots fight Unicron, Starscream revealed Thrust's connections to Unicron, but it took him finally defeating Megatron and a vain attempt of attacking Unicron to open his former leader's eyes to the big picture.

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