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Red AlertRatchetRed Alert (Transformers Armada)
Transformer (robot)Transformer (robot)
Red (visor)Red (visor)
At least 17'At least 518 m
Autobot medic/science officerAutobot medic/science officer
Brian Dobson
Transformers ArmadaTransformers: Micron Legends

Character Description: Red Alert

Red Alert is an old friend of Autobot Commander Optimus Prime, and serves as chief medic and science officer for Prime's team. He is always serious, level-headed, and dependable. He traveled to Earth along with Prime, Hot Shot, and Smokescreen to recover the newly-awakened Mini-Cons.

Red Alert scanned an emergency-rescue SUV as his alternate form. He isn't a fast as Hot Shot or Blurr, but what he lacks in speed, he makes up for in durability. His Minicon partner, Longarm, transforms into a crane and grants Red Alert use of a rifle located on his lower leg and an energy-disc launcher in his chest.

Red Alert is usually left behind at HQ to serve as support personnel. He advises his comrades on strategy and defends the base from Decepticon attack. Red Alert is also the creator of Laserbeak, the robotic spy-bird who journeys with the humans and performs recon missions.

While en route to Cybertron on the Autobots' Axion ship, Red Alert, along with Hot Shot and the Decepticons Megatron, Starscream, and Demolishor, were separated from their comrades and stranded on an alien planet. There they battled Nemesis Prime. During the battle, he and the other four stranded Transformers were critically wounded. His Mini-Con partner, Longarm, sacrificed his life-force to reformat Red Alert into his Powerlinx form.

Red Alert survived the Unicron Battles, but has most likely retired from military duty afterwards.

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