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Character Profile: Leilong

USA Info
Japanese Info
Leilong Leilong Leilong (Outlaw Star)
Shimi Shimi
Human Human
Male Male
Mid 40's Mid 40's
Black Black
Black Black
Assassin Assassin
"They should have buried me deeper."  
Steve Bulen Yuusaku Yara
Episode 15, "The Seven Emerge" Episode 15, "The Seven Emerge"
Outlaw Star Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

Character Description: Leilong

Leilong, whose professional name is Shimi, was the first of the Anten Seven to face Gene Starwind and the Outlaw Star. He is proficient in all sorts of weapons, which he carries on a backpack. He is also proficient in martial arts for close-up attacks.

Leilong had first met Gene on the planet Heifong, which was at a bar. Earlier, Leilong sent his apprentice to pose as "Shimi" to challenge Gene to a duel. Not knowing who Leilong really was, Gene went drinking with him, all the while disclosing his fears about the coming day.

The next day, Gene and the false Shimi faced each other in a fast-draw duel, which Gene barely survived. The apprentice then used a bomb to blow himself up. It was then that the real Shimi - Leilong - showed up and fought Gene, who was still in pain from the previous duel. For the most part, it was one-sided, Leilong giving Gene a tough time of it. Then Gene's friends Aisha, Jim, and Suzuka fought him, and were defeated. After fighting Gene some more, it became apparent that the only way everything was to be resolved was in a one-shot duel. The two then took identical guns, faced each other... and fired. Somehow, Gene's luck was running good; it seemed that Leilong's gun had misfired. As he laid dying, Leilong warned Gene to beware of the remainder of the Anten.

Gene and his friends had later buried Leilong at the hill where they dueled, making kind remarks about his character and left. However, later that evening, Leilong had recovered and dug himself out, complaining that they should've buried him deeper. Noting about how they spoke about him, Leilong decided to give up a life as an assassin and left to become a wandering outlaw.

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