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Ryoma EchizenRyouma EchizenRyoma Echizen (Prince of Tennis)
O'Chibi (to Kikumaru)
12 1/2 years old (born December 24)12 1/2 years old (born December 24)
Black or Dark greenBlack or Dark green
4'11"151 cm
"Mada mada dane" ("You still have a long ways to go")
David Neil BlackJunko Minagawa
Prince of TennisTennis no Ojisama

Character Description: Ryoma Echizen

Ryoma Echizen is the son of the retired tennis player, Nanjirou Echizen. Born and raised in America, Ryoma moves to Japan and is enrolled at Seishun Academy (known as Seigaku for short). Ryoma manages to defeat two starters, Inui and Kaidou, and earned a Seigaku regular spot, even though they usually don't allow that. Like Tezuka (and some other tennis players) he's left-handed, but can also play with his right hand.

Ryoma is arrogant and can be somewhat of a pest sometimes. He usually goes out for burgers with Momo and/or Kikumaru after school. He's nicknamed O'chibi by Kikumaru because he's the smallest among the Regulars. Ryoma has no intention of becoming a tennis professional. The only reason why he's playing tennis is to beat his lecherous father, who is now ringing church bells in a temple. Ryoma also has an older female cousin, Nanako, and a cat, Karupin.

Ryoma is a singles player, but he played doubles with Momo a few times. They both developed a strategy when handling shots down the middle when playing against Gyokurin called 'A-Un'. The person in front says 'Ah' and the other says 'Un'. However, during that match it was rendered useless when the Gyokurin pair 'Double Poach'-ed them. In the end they divided the court in half with a line and played doubles solo! They used the 'A-Un' technique for the final strike.

In the Fudomine match Ryoma played 2nd singles against Shinji Ibu and won despite his eye injury thus allowing Seigaku to advance to the next round. Until then the only abilities he ever revealed was 'Twist Serve' and 'One-footed Split Step'. However, when the time for Ryoma to play against St. Rudolph's Southpaw Killer, Yuuta Fuji, he revealed Drive B. Later on he revealed Drive A and a few other techniques.

Above all, Ryoma is an amazing player and a tough opponent to beat.

Ryoma Echizen (Prince of Tennis) Ryoma Echizen (Prince of Tennis) Ryoma Echizen (Prince of Tennis)

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