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Character Profile: Nancy Makuhari

USA Info
Japanese Info
Nancy Makuhari Nancy Makuhari Nancy Makuhari (R.O.D: Read or Die)
Miss Deep Miss Deep
· · ·
Mata Hari Mata Hari
I-Jin I-Jin
Female Female
Blue Blue
Light Purple Light Purple
Spy for the I-Jin Spy for the I-Jin
"I don't like my code name. I sound like a porn star." "I don't like my code name. It isn't cute."
Amanda Winn Lee(R.O.D: Read or Die) Michiko Neya
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Carrie Savage(R.O.D: The TV)  
R.O.D: Read or Die R.O.D: Read or Die
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R.O.D the TV R.O.D the TV

Character Description: Nancy Makuhari

Nancy has the power to "phasing," to walk through solid objects or have objects pass through her. While this power is useful, it requires quick thinking and concentration to use. If she makes any mistakes while using her power, Nancy could become stuck inside something, or receive a fatal injury. Nancy's weapons of choice are a Glock 18 automatic pistol and her martial arts skill.

Nancy's assignment was to get the book Yomiko has. But, she wasn't able to buy it before Yomiko. During an attack targeting Yomiko and her book at the Library of Congress and subsequent flight on Yomiko's paper airplane, Nancy helps Yomiko recover her book, and becomes friends with Yomiko. Nancy's plan worked, as well. She is now an ally of Yomiko, which puts her closer to stealing the book.

Nancy Makuhari Nancy may act tough, and aloof, but she is a nice person. Yomiko looks up to Nancy, like a younger sister looks up to an older sister. Nancy teases Yomiko as if Yomiko was her little sister. Because of working with Yomiko, Nancy decides that Ikkyu's plan isn't a good idea, and that humanity shouldn't be wiped out.

Nancy Makuhari is a clone of the famous spy, Mata Hari. She is also in love with the main villen, Ikkyu. She took the name of Nancy Makuhari because, it was the name of an agent of The Royal British Library's Division of Special Operations who was hospitalized a couple of months before the events in R.O.D.

Ikkyu created a second clone of Mata Hari, one that is completely loyal to him, and his plans. He did this when he began to suspect Nancy was turning against him. Nancy is left handed, and the second Nancy is right handed. That little bit of knowledge is very important during the confrontation with Ikkyu. As Nancy said, "If you can fool your friends, you can fool your enemies."

The ending of R.O.D has been confusing many people. The Nancy at the very end, outside the mental institution trying to make origami cranes, is the second clone of Mata Hari. She has no memory of what happened after almost being drowned by the first clone of Mata Hari.

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