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Anime Profile: R.O.D: Read or Die

USA Info
Japanese Info
R.O.D: Read or Die R.O.D: Read or Die R.O.D: Read or Die
· · ·
Read or Die Read or Die
3 OVA episodes 3 OVA episodes
Late 2001-early 2002 Late 2001-early 2002
· · ·
October 23, 2004(TV debut)  
Manga Ent./Gaijin(original licensor), Aniplex America(Blu-ray format only) Studio Orphee/Aniplex
  Hideyuki Kurata
  Kouji Massunari
Action, Comedy, Romance Action, Comedy, Romance
R.O.D the TV R.O.D the TV
Drake Anderson Drake Anderson
· · ·
Joker Joker
· · ·
Michelle Cheung Michelle Cheung
· · ·
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Anime Characters: R.O.D: Read or Die

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Drake Anderson Drake Anderson Nancy Makuhari Nancy Makuhari
Joker Joker Wendy Earhart Wendy Earhart
Michelle Cheung Michelle Cheung Yomiko Readman Yomiko Readman
Mr. Gentleman Mr. Gentleman    

Anime Description: R.O.D: Read or Die

Mysterious figures known only as I-Jin, who appear to be the clones of history's most remarkable individuals, attack! In response to these attacks, the Royal British Library's Division of Special Operations sends one of its most unique operatives: Yomiko Readman, a mild mannered bookworm with the unusual ability to manipulate paper in any way she sees fit. Yomiko is aided by the likes of Nancy Makumari and Drake Anderson to face the threat of the I-Jin.

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