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SpiralSpiral: Suiri no Kizuna (スパイラル~推理の絆) ("Spiral: Lines of Resoning")Spiral
· · ·
Spiral: Lines of Resoning
25 TV episodes
FUNimationTV Tokyo
Kyou Shirodaira
Shingo Kaneko
Comedy, DramaComedy, Drama
Ayumu NarumiAyumu Narumi
· · ·
Eyes RutherfordEyes Rutherford
· · ·
Hiyono YuizakiHiyono Yuizaki
· · ·
Kanone HilbertKanone Hilbert
· · ·
Kiyotaka NarumiKiyotaka Narumi
· · ·
Kousuke AsazukiKousuke Asazuki
· · ·
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Characters: Spiral

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ayumu Narumi Ayumu Narumi Ryoko Takamachi Ryoko Takamachi
Eyes Rutherford Eyes Rutherford Sayoko Shiranagatani Sayoko Shiranagatani
Hiyono Yuizaki Hiyono Yuizaki Hizumi Mizushiro (manga only) ⊕ Hizumi Mizushiro (manga only) ⊕
Kanone Hilbert Kanone Hilbert Keishisei Kanzaka ⊕ Keishisei Kanzaka ⊕
Kiyotaka Narumi Kiyotaka Narumi Kirie Tsuchiya (manga only) ⊕ Kirie Tsuchiya (manga only) ⊕
Kousuke Asazuki Kousuke Asazuki Kiyotaka Narumi (manga only) ⊕ Kiyotaka Narumi (manga only) ⊕
Madoka Narumi Madoka Narumi Suemaru Wataya ⊕ Suemaru Wataya ⊕
Rio Takeuchi Rio Takeuchi Yaiba Mizushiro (manga only) ⊕ Yaiba Mizushiro (manga only) ⊕

Description: Spiral

The plot resolves around a teenaged boy called Ayumu Narumi. Two years before the series, Ayumu's brother disappears without saying bye or where he would be. Though he did give one hint, the Blade Children. Ever since then Ayumu had been trying to figure out what the Blade Children were or how they are connected to his brother. Ayumu meets a girl called Hiyono Yuizaki, who by the way is very nosy, and tries to help him find the Blade Children.

As the story goes on, he meets all the Blade Children, who all challenge him to different games that lead to life or death situations, and he finds out that they are all missing a seventh rib bone and have a curse of some sort. This just puts more questions in Ayumu's head. Will he ever find out the curse of the Blade Children? How is this connected to his brother? Only fate will tell.

Blade Children are born missing their 7th rib, and apparently have a mark on the right side of their body.

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