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Character Profile: Sayoko Shiranagatani

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sayoko Shiranagatani Sayoko Shiranagatani Sayoko Shiranagatani (Spiral)
Human Human
Female Female
16 years old 16 years old
Light brown Light brown
Blue Blue
Blade Child Blade Child
"I don't want to live this false life..."  
Elise Baughman Mai Nakahara
Episode 1: Spiral of Destiny Episode 1: Spiral of Destiny
Spiral Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna

Character Description: Sayoko Shiranagatani

Sayoko Shiranagatani was adopted by her grandfather, Raizou Shiranagatani, circa a decade after she was born when her mother died. Her father was never known. She suffered a head injury when she was only 12, and because of that she had amnesia. She's the first Blade Child to be introduced, although it's not mentioned at the time that she's a Blade Child. Raizou admits that she's missing her seventh rib, but still refuses to believe that she's one of the Blade Children.

In the first episode, she is shown falling off a balcony at Tsukiyomi Academy, and then Ayumu Narumi shows up at the exact ledge where she falls. After that, when the police go to question her, they find out that she has, once again, has gotten amnesia. Later, when she's able to go to school again, she questions Narumi about the Blade Children, mentioning that she heard about them from Reiko Hatsuyama.

Character Description: Sayoko Shiranagatani

Sayoko was raised by her grandfather after her mother died - and no one knew who her father was. Even though she's one of the Blade Children, she was raised with the hope that she wouldn't have to suffer like the other Blade Children. She does have her seventh rib missing, however, she doesn't have the slit-like pupils that the others have. Also, she's more naive and gentle than the others.

In the manga, it's shown that her memory loss when she was ten was due to her trying to commit suicide after her mom died. It's said that she seemed to know that something was wrong, and was jumpy, as though there were "ghosts around each corner". Later on at Tsukiyomi Academy, on the anniversary of Kiyotaka's disappearance, she mysteriously falls from the fifth floor landing (in the manga, she's pushed). Amazingly, she survives, but suffers from amnesia for the second time. After that, she begins to be sucked back into the Blade Children situation as hunters stalk her in hopes of destroying the others.

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