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Character Profile: Eyes Rutherford

USA Info
Japanese Info
Eyes Rutherford Eyes Rutherford Eyes Rutherford (Spiral)
· · ·
  Aize Rutherford(alternate spelling)
Human Human
Male Male
17 years old 17 years old
Silver Silver
Blue Blue
One of the Blade children One of the Blade children
John Burgmeier Akira Ishida
Episode 2: Seiju Hall of Death Episode 2: Seiju Hall of Death
Spiral Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna

Character Description: Eyes Rutherford

Eyes Rutherford is one of the six Blade Children. There is also Konone Hilbert, Kousuke Asazuki, Ryoko Takamachi, Rio Takeuchi, and Sayoko Shiranagatani. Eyes is the cool and collected one of the Blade Children, and is always speaking to Narumi Ayumu about Kiyotaka Narumi, Ayumu's older brother who had recently disappeared two years ago.

Eyes Rutherford is also a 17-year old pianist who has made a big career in his life. He has skyrocketed to the top of pop culture. His albums sell millions around the world, and his recitals are always the hottest ticket in town. Eyes is beloved around the entire world and is the only British Blade Child. He is the first of the Blade Children to appear before Ayumu. He is also the first to discover that the Hunters are once again coming. The note is given to him by Konone who was Eyes' best friend in their youth. Eyes desperately seeks redemption. And trusts in Kiyotaka's words that Ayumu is their key to salvation.

Fortunately, not much is known about this Eyes Rutherford, except that he tends to test Ayumu for his skills and intuition. This guy seems like neither friend nor foe, but then, who knows? Eyes has a dark secret that could carry him to his grave. Only on question remains: Will the secret of the Blade Children bury him alone or will he drag Ayumu down with him?

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