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Character Profile: Azonia Laplamis

USA Info
Japanese Info
Azonia Laplamis Lap Lamiz Azonia Laplamis (Robotech)
Zentraedi Zentraedi
Female Female
48 years 48 years
Bluish-purple Bluish-purple
Blue Blue
60'0" 1829 cm
6 tons 6000 kg
"It will be glorious!"  
Alexandra Kentworthy  
Robotech(Macross Saga) Choujiku Yousai Macross

Character Description: Azonia Laplamis

Azonia Laplamis was the highest-ranking female in the Zentraedi fleet. She had a superior attitude over everyone and a very clever, sly personality. She was a strong, capable fighter and a good combat strategist, but when in command had some trouble controlling her underlings. She was known to constantly argue with Khyron when he would disobey her orders, and she even used threats on his life to keep him in line. Azonia was initially called in to relieve Breetai's command when Dolza thought Breetai was failing in his mission to capture the SDF-1. After he was returned to his command, Azonia and her Quadrono Battalion stayed to help in the mission.

The superior females in their agile, deadly Queadlunn-Rau (female powered armour) were a great asset in the war, as they were the mecha most capable of standing up against the Valkyrie fighters. The Quadronos joined with Breetai and the SDF-1 against Dolza's main fleet. Khyron rescued her when her ship was disabled, and they fell in love while hiding out in Alaska and waiting for the right opportunity to attack. She helped in the unsuccessful plot to trade Minmei and Kyle for the SDF-1, and the more successful attack on Macross City when Khyron captured the protoculture cell and blew up the city. In that battle she faced off against her former ally, Miriya Parino, and seemed surprisingly almost equal to her in ability. Azonia went along with Khyron's change of plans to attack the SDF-1 rather than return to the Masters for reinforcements. Their cruiser was disabled by a final blast of the SDF-1's main gun, and the two died hand in hand as they rammed the ship into the damaged fortress.

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