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Character Profile: Lord Khyron Kravshera

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lord Khyron KravsheraKamjinLord Khyron Kravshera (Robotech)
15 years15 years
Light blueLight blue
54'0"1646 cm
8 tons8000 kg
"In the centuries to come, if any of them are left alive, they will speak with terror the name Khyron!"
Greg Snegoff
Robotech (Macross Saga)Choujiku Yousai Macross

Character Description: Lord Khyron Kravshera

Khyron Kravshera was a wonderfully aberrant clone. He was arrogant, sarcastic, self-centred, megalomaniacal, and had no respect for authority. But he also had a charming, boyish side, and was known for his witty comebacks, and for chumming around with his aide, Grel. Khyron had a gentle voice and refined accent, in sharp contrast to the rumbling voices and brutish mannerisms of most of his fellow Zerntraedi, and his own temper and violent tendencies as well.

Khyron was summoned by Breetai in Robotech episode "Bye Bye Mars," against Exedore's advice. Though very effective in battle, Khyron had a reputation of getting a temper and attacking his own men, earning him the nickname, "Backstabber". He became obsessed with the destruction of the SDF-1, often attacking against orders and having to be recalled or threatened with physical harm by his superiors before he'd break off his unauthorised attacks.

Khyron and his Botoru Battalion refused to join with Breetai's and Azonia's when they agreed to ally with the SDF-1 in fighting Dolza's main fleet. He rescued Azonia after her ship was disabled, and they lived together under the ice and snow in Alaska for two years, waiting for the proper moment to attack. Though the two had never gotten along before, they soon fell in love and discovered micronian pleasures.

When the Malcontents started leaving the cities, Khyron collected and resized them to rebuild his army. He kidnapped Minmei and Kyle and held them ransom in exchange for the SDF-1, but Rick rescued them and the exchange never took place. The Botorus attacked Macross City on Christmas Eve, stole a Protoculture cell, and destroyed the city with explosive charges. The plan was supposed to be that they would go back to get reinforcements from the Masters, but Khyron's obsession with the SDF-1 caused him to attack it instead. After the SDF-1 badly damaged his ship with its main gun, Khyron rammed the disabled cruiser into the SDF-1. At the end, he and Azonia met their death hand in hand, declaring it their final victory.

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