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Character Profile: Lieutenant Sterling Dana

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lieutenant Sterling DanaJeanne FrancaixLieutenant Sterling Dana (Robotech)
1/2 Human, 1/2 ZentradiHuman
19 years old (born October 2012)19 years old (born October 2012)
5'8"About 173 cm
120 lbsAbout 54 kg
1st Lieutenant, Commander of 15th A.T.A.C. Squadron1st Lieutenant, Commander of 15th A.T.A.C. Squadron
Lisa NewmanMichie Tomizawa
Robotech (Southern Cross)Choujiku Kidan Southern Cross

Character Description: Lieutenant Sterling Dana

Towards the end of Robotech's Macross saga, Max and Miriya Sterling conceived a daughter. In the Japanese version, this baby was named Komillia Jenius, while in the US Robotech version, she was named Dana Sterling. To help link the Macross saga with the Southern Cross saga, the main female lead (Jeanne Francaix is the Japanese version) became none other than Dana Sterling, even though this character has a completely different hair color than the infant seen in the Macross saga.

Dana is the daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling, two of the heroes of the First Robotech War. This heritage has deeply affected Dana for several reasons. First, she is the first child of a highly publicized union between human and Zentraedi. The fear and hatred of Zentraedi, even half-human half-Zentraedi, has followed her all her life. Second, Dana lives in the heroic shadows of her parents, both Veritech Fighter aces, and heroes loved throughout the world. She feels she must prove that she is as capable a fighter and pilot as both of her parents. Lastly, Dana is alone. Max and Miriya and left Earth nearly a decade ago with Rick Hunter and the SDF-3, leaving Dana in the capable hands of her godfather, General Rolf Emerson. She thinks of her parents often and longs for their return.

Dana Sterling is among the first graduates of the Robotech Military Academy, ranking highly in her class as Veritech Hover Tank pilot. She possesses a genuine innocence and a curious mind, ever observant and inquisitive. Dana is an athletic, self reliant, warrior with an outstanding sense of timing and intuition. She is a fine leader, who is always ready to back up her words with action.

According to the novels, after her ASC time Dana became the de-facto leader of an "adventuring group"; Admiral Lisa Hayes-Hunter would later write, "Much has been written of Dana's activities (most of it in warrants)."

Lieutenant Sterling Dana (Robotech)

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