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Ruin ExplorersHikyou Tanken Fam And Ihrie (秘境探險ファム&イーリー) ("Ruin Explorers Fam And Ihrie")Ruin Explorers
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Ruin Explorers Fam And Ihrie
4 OVA episodes4 OVA episodes
1998 [1995]
A.D. Vision [Kunihiko Tanaka*Hobby Japan/Bandai Visual/Nippon Columbia/MOVIC]
Kunihiko Tanaka
Takeshi Mori
Action, Comedy, FantasyAction, Comedy, Fantasy
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Characters: Ruin Explorers

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Migel Migeru Ihrie Īrī
Rasha Rāsha Meria --?--
Fam Famu Prince Lyle Robert Lyon Raeru
Galuff Garufu Ruguduroll Ruguduru
Gil --?--

Description: Ruin Explorers

Ruin Explorers, at first sight, would be considered reip-off of The Slayer. But once you start watching this series, its story and characters just blow you away. And after watching the last episode, you'll be begging for more.

The story involves two Ruin Explorers called Fam and Ihrie. Fam is a Wiccan (she can talk to the spirits and use their magic), and Ihrie is more of a swordswoman than a magician (but still uses magic occasionally). They are trying to gather the three pieces (The Proof of Royalty, The Sword of Sargus, and The Mirror of Truth) needed to obtain the Ultimate Power. Fam wants it to be able to make more spirit friends, while Ihrie wants it to resurrect her mentor and get even with him (because of an accident, Ihrie's mentor cursed her with the ability to turn into a mouse every time she uses magic).

They're not the only ones after the Ultimate Power, though. In order to gain the Ultimate Power, they team up with Rasha (the magician who often gets into quarrels with Fam), Migel (the swordsman who brags too much), Galuff (the sleazy conman), Gil (Galuff's dog who looks and sounds like the Hanna-Barbera dog Muttley), and Lyle (the swordsman who's the object of Fam and Rasha's affection). Along the way, they also have to defeat the good guy turned bad called Ruguduroll who shares a tragic past with Lyle.

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