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Character Profile: Rasha

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rasha Rāsha(ラーシャ) Rasha (Ruin Explorers)
Human Human
Female Female
27 years 27 years
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
Sorceress Sorceress
"Watch it, fang girl!"  
Kelly Manison  
Ruin Explorers Hikyou Tanken Fam And Ihrie

Character Description: Rasha

It's hard to find beauty and power in one devishily hot little combination, but Rasha manages to pull it off nicely. Every hero needs a rival, and Rasha fits the bill just perfectly. Rasha used to be the arch enemy of Ihire and Fam's little explorer team. With Migel as her swordsman and Galuff on her side (temporarily), Rasha made quite a name for herself by defeating our twin heroines.

However it soon became obvious to her that Rasha seemed to be the sane person out of all the back stabbing wackos that surrounded her. Migel was an idiot in her eyes, and as we all know Galuff is about as trust worthy as a devil. Rasha excelled in the magic department. Her awesome use of destructive and unique magic powers proved she could outclass any wizard on any day of the year.

However it wasn't until Prince Lyle entered her life that she became gaga eyed for her "husband to be". Fam is a furry, rodent like child in Rasha's eyes, and Lyle deserves a refined woman like Rasha for example. She fought tooth and nail with the wiggan but they eventually cooled their heads long enough to use their magic together to help Lyle defeat Ruguduroll.

As for Migel, Rasha clearly was gonna be upset if he happened to die against the army of shadow puppets that attacked them. But when the smoke and dust cleared, so did the walls of secrecy. And it seems Rasha's heart is already reserved for a particularly loud mouthed swordsman.

All in all, Rasha is no good-natured girl, she's greedy, treacherous, and quite deathly afraid of mice. Sides that, she makes for quite a good ally to have. Rasha hasn't always been the best team player, but she's not leaving her friends anytime soon.

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