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MigelMigeru (ゲル)Migel (Ruin Explorers)
The Mighty Migel
28 years28 years
Dusty BlondeDusty Blonde
Light BlueLight Blue
Come demons, it's time to go back to hell.
Brett Weaver
Ruin ExplorersHikyou Tanken Fam And Ihrie

Character Description: Migel

"The Mighty Migel has defeated a 100 swordsmen without receiving a single cut in one battle." When you hear that, you know a blowhard can't be far. Migel, though an excellent fighter and brilliant swordsman, has a bigger ego than a brain. When Migel gets to swing his blade, he can't throw a single punch without flaunting his manly strength and proving how good he supposedly is.

Rasha is his partner and the one who tries to keep Migel from doing something stupid. While not entirely brain dead, Migel just needs to eat some humble pie before Rasha feeds him his teeth instead. But when it comes to swords and swashbuckling battles, Migel will become a living blender.

Magic armor ghouls, shadow puppets, serpants, nothing can stay in one piece when clashing blades with Migel's sword play. Rasha and Migel first met Fam and Ihrie when they tricked them into being locked in an old ruin which they and Galuff were trying to raid. After being backstabbed by Galuff and eventually meeting Ihire once more, the gang decided to work together against Ruguduroll.

Migel doesn't really hate Lyle, it's just he doesn't see a point in helping a total stranger. Rasha painfully reminded him, however. During the final fight, Migel stayed behind to give Rasha and the others cover from Ruguduroll's shadow puppets. After wiping them all out, we see that gold isn't the only thing Rasha is in love with.

Loud mouthed swords fighters do make for a pretty interesting fellow to watch, and while he may be more dense than dashing, Migel is a warrior to watch out for. After all, with all this confidence spewing out of his big mouth, he's gotta have SOME skill... right?

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