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Character Profile: Misao Makimachi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Misao Makimachi Misao Makimachi Misao Makimachi (Rurouni Kenshin)
Weasel-girl(by Saito)  
Human Human
Female Female
16 years old 16 years old
Black and blue Black and blue
Blue Blue
About 4'10" 148 cm
About 82 lbs 37 kg
New leader of Oniwabanshu New leader of Oniwabanshu
Debra Cunningham Sakurai Tomo
Rurouni Kenshin Rurouni Kenshin

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Character Description: Misao Makimachi

Misao Makimachi is rather annoying and spunky all the time. She is a member of the Oniwabanshu, and eventually made it to the status of leader. Although she is a bit young, she is still in love with Shinomori Aoshi.

It came as quite a surprise to the likes of Kenshin and Kaoru that Misao was part of the Oniwaban group, but once they heard the truth behind the group, they began to understand.

The Oniwaban Group originally was a band of warriors (apparently ninja) meant to be protectors. After the Meiji revolution, Aoshi found himself at a loss as to his purpose, so he and a number of Oniwaban warriors loyal to him splintered off, where they eventually came to Tokyo. The rest of the group found themselves a new purpose in protecting Kyoto, and this is where Misao entered the picture. Misao represents what the Oniwaban is trying to become. The Oniwaban Group of Kyoto already knew the approaching trouble of Makoto Shishio and the Juppongatana, and she was also working to try to stop it.

Editor's Note: In episode 89 of the both the Japanese and English dubbed version (and page 132, volume 11 of the manga) it is stated that Misao is 16 years old. However, I'm also told that in the English version, Kenshin states that "she's only 18 and she's expected to take on the responsibilities of someone twice her age". So apparently Kenshin didn't quite realize how old she was... or else he knew and just had a momentary brain fart.

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