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Character Profile: Shougo Muto

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shougo Muto Shougo Muto Shougo Muto (Rurouni Kenshin)
Shougo Amakusa Shougo Amakusa
· · ·
Son of God Son of God
Human Human
Male Male
24 years 24 years
Black Black
Brown Brown
5'10" 178 cm
Leader of the Shimbara Christians Leader of the Shimbara Christians
Crispin Freeman Jukichi Inoue
Rurouni Kenshin Rurouni Kenshin

Character Description: Shougo Muto

Shougo Amakusa considers himself the "Son of God" and leads a rebellion with the Shimbara Christians to rebel against the government. When he was little, he was forced to flee Japan with his young sister, Sayo, and his uncle, Hyoue, after witnessing the death of his parents. Christians began to face persecution all over Japan.

Hiko and Kenshin aren't the only ones who know Hiten-Mitsurugi-Ryu, Hyoue trained under the school of swordsmanship. However, he could not master the Amakekeru-Ryu-No-Hirameki and fell to his masters sword. Though he survived and left to Holland. He came back to Japan though when the Christians began to be persecuted and rescued his nephew and niece. There he took them to Holland and also there Shougo mastered the Hiten-Misturugi.

After the Christian persecution ended (or just went away for the time being), Shougo and his sister came back to Japan to start a rebellion against the Japanese Government. There Shougo proclaims himself the "Son of God" and creates quite a following.

Among the followers is a man named Kaioh who uses Shougo's status to his own benefit. Shougo sees Kenshin Himura as his foe because he thinks there should only be one master of Hiten-Mitsurugi-Ryu.

He cares much for his sister and is willing to die for what he believes.

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