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Kanami YutaKanami YutaKanami Yuta (s-CRY-ed)
Human Alter UserHuman Alter User
8 years old8 years old
Inner (Native of the Lost Ground)Inner (Native of the Lost Ground)
"I was...dreaming..." (play clip)(play clip)
Carrie DanielsYukari Tamura

Character Description: Kanami Yuta

Kanami's past is unknown. The only things known about it are that she is an orphan and that she and Kazuma happened upon each other and decided to live together and support each other. Still, it's an odd relationship. Kanami always calls Kazuma "Kazu-kun" (though he always hates that), and on the outside, it seems that Kazuma is mostly a loafer while Kanami heads out to perform various farm tasks for her neighbors. It really seems like Kanami is earning all the money, though looks can be deceiving.

Kanami doesn't realize it for a long time, but she is an Alter User. She has a very unusual ability to sense the deepest emotions in people. It was in fact this ability that drew her and Kazuma together. Alone and scared, she had wanted a hero, someone to look up to, and Kazuma happened to become that person, though she didn't know that. She is constantly having these intense, emotional dreams about her hero (what she's experiencing is Kazuma's exploits as a mercenary--she doesn't know about Kazuma's other work). Kanami finds strength in seeing her hero fight. It's only just before the Second Uprising that she realizes the truth about Kazuma, her dreams, and what he was doing without her knowledge.

There are two reasons Kazuma did this. First, he didn't want her to worry about him. Second, he also wanted Kanami to stand up for herself. For the most part, Kazuma was doing quite well on both counts. But then, things went awry with the Second Uprising.

For months, Kanami couldn't dream. She didn't know where Kazuma was nor could she even sense him. She ended up caught and taken to a slave camp. But just then, someone intervenes on behalf of her and the other slaves. Kanami recognizes him. Just before the fight that started the Second Uprising, Kanami got a good look at Ryuho: Kazuma's biggest rival. She realizes that this is the same man, though radically changed by circumstance. She realizes that, in a significant way, Ryuho is a lot like Kazuma, and she begins to look up to him the same way she did to Kazuma. Little Kanami becomes one of the few things that'll make Kazuma and Ryuho put aside their own rivalry (albeit temporarily). This becomes clear when Kyoji Mujo kidnaps Kanami (he did this because he realized the nature of Kanami's Alter power). Rescuing Kanami becomes a goal the two agree upon.

As the series winds down, Kazuma tells Kanami to be strong (but also that he'll be there if the need arises). Kanami by now has realized what Kazuma had been trying to do and resolves to be strong in the meantime.

Kanami experiences one more dream, a dream so intense that everyone in the Lost Ground can feel it, too: it was the dream of watching Kazuma and Ryuho finally fighting to see who's the best, a fight that wouldn't stop--that no one wanted to stop. It just kept going on and on...

After that, Kanami no longer dreamt of them. She didn't have to. Not only did she know they were still out there, but she could stand on her own now.

In the manga book by Tokyopop, Kazuma says Kanami was born on the mainland. Apparently she was approximately six years old when he found her alone in the lost ground, though how she got there is still a mystery!

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