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Ryuho RyuRyuhou RyuRyuho Ryu (s-CRY-ed)
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Ryuho Tairen (incorrect name)Ryuhou Tairen (incorrect name)
Human Alter UserHuman Alter User
17 years old17 years old
HOLY Native HunterHOLY Native Hunter
"The evil in this place shall not go unpunished!" (play clip)(play clip)
Jason SpisakHikaru Midorikawa

Character Description: Ryuho Ryu

Born and raised in the Lost Ground, Ryuho lived the first years of his life in a cautious but generally good-natured manner. Born into high society, he was to become the heir to the vast Ryu fortune his family had built after the Uprising. However, fate would deal him a series of cruel curve balls.

First, Ryuho discovers that he is an Alter User. When pressed about the matter by a young Mimori Kiryu, he inadvertently Alters and creates a small piece of stone (Mimori eventually keeps the stone and makes it into a pendant). He becomes reluctant to be around other people because he realizes he's different.

Then, six years before the story begins, tragedy strikes. A mysterious Alter, possessing a white left arm and a black right arm, rampages through the city. In the process, his mother and his dog are killed. In rage and frustration, Ryuho summons his Alter power and creates the Alter that will follow him for the rest of his life: Zetsuei.

Zetsuei From this point onward, Ryuho's personality changes drastically. He becomes as narrow and focused as a straight line. He soon joins the recently-formed Alter User unit known as HOLY and gains a reputation as the strongest and most ruthless of the Native Hunters. He is obsessed with bringing order to the tempestuous Lost Ground, and it is the motivation for his cold resolve. Also, Ryuho sees himself as a lone wolf, fighting his own battles--alone, unaided (it's this determination and self-imposed solitude that Scheris finds particularly attractive about him).

But then, he apprehends Kazuma. Thinking him at first to be just another Native Alter out for trouble (at the time, he only knew Kazuma by his inmate ID, NP3228), he soon grows especially irritated by Kazuma's headstrong refusal to give up. It seemed this man always had a smirk and a snide line ready just for him. Then Kazuma escapes from HOLY. In the attempt, the two manage to learn each other's names...and from then on, Ryuho puts Kazuma at the top of his list of Inners to hunt.

His Alter, Zetsuei (named for the dog he lost six years ago), has its own unique nature. Unlike other Alters, Zetsuei has the capacity to act independently of Ryuho if the need arises. This means it can react to things much more quickly and take advantage of situations as they occur. Ryuho's attacks appear focused on precision: thrusting and cutting like a blade. However, each time Ryuho runs into Kazuma again (or vice-versa), he discovers that he has to raise the stakes each time. This is because if something manages to damage Zetsuei, Ryuho himself feels some of the force of the impact. He's forced to unlock Zetsuei's true form, and even then he later finds himself at a massive deadlock halfway through the series. The only thing he and Kazuma manage to rip up is the barrier between Earth and the "other side", the source of the Alter power. The upheaval the two of them unleash creates the Second Uprising and throws Ryuho into another life-changing event.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Ryuho suffers amnesia and wanders the Lost Ground for eight months. Finally, barely alive, he stumbles into a slave camp...the same camp in which Kanami has become trapped. Kanami recognizes the man as Kazuma's rival...but the amnesia has caused Ryuho to forget the bitterness built up over the years. He's still determined to restore order, but his attitude becomes softer, warmer, more benign. Even after his memories are refreshed by HOLY, he refuses to go back, seeing a greater goal he wants to pursue--a goal from which HOLY seems to have strayed.

When Kanami is kidnapped by Kyoji Mujo, Ryuho eventually goes with Kazuma back to the city to take Mujo down. In the process, he runs into his old commander, Martin Jigmar, and is forced to fight him. In the course of the fight, Ryuho discovers the final evolution of Zetsuei: the merging of Zetsuei and himself into an "Alter Ego" form, a form Jigmar had sought but never could achieve. Then he once more comes face to face with the Alter who changed his life that fateful night. Once more achieving his ultimate form, he forces this Alter back to its home realm on the "other side".

With that part of the past finally buried, Ryuho still has one piece of unfinished business. In the end, Ryuho still desires to test Kazuma and prove he's the better. As evenly matched as they are, however, this awe-inspring rivalry appears destined to continue for a long time.

Ryuho's Name

I'm told that Ryuho Tairen is not actually his name. Apparently, Ryoho's father was Tairen Ryu, and somewhere someone thought Tairen was the family name, not the given name, and thus incorrectly wrote Ryuho's name as Ryuho Tairen. I don't know here this was written, but it is definitely a plausible mistake since the Japanese tend to write and even say their family name before their given name.

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