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Scheris AdjaniScheris AdjaniScheris Adjani (s-CRY-ed)
Human Alter UserHuman Alter User
15 years old15 years old
Member of HOLYMember of HOLY
Lara Jill MillerMasayo Kurata

Character Description: Scheris Adjani

In the beginning, Scheris was just another street rat, working for petty crooks until one day when she ticked them off. But what could've been her darkest day turned into her brightest when the crooks she was working for were busted by Ryuho. Suddenly, Scheris was free.

So from that point, Scheris resolved to follow her hero. Ryuho had seen her Alter power in action, so he recommended that she join HOLY. Now, she could be by Ryuho's side. The relationship, however, is one-sided. Still, seeing Ryuho in action never ceases to amaze her. He's a mysterious, hard-to-get man that she'd follow no matter where he goes. This poses a problem when she sees him and Mimori together; she can get jealous very easily.

After the Second Uprising, Scheris remains with HOLY for the time being, but her real concern is for Ryuho, who disappeared in the incident. She and Urizane constantly search for him, and when she gains a clue about his whereabouts, she resolves to go to him. But she finds Ryuho a changed man. He refuses to return to HOLY because he's found a new purpose protecting innocent people. Forced to choose her loyalty, Scheris decides to remain with Ryuho, even if it means herself going against HOLY.

Her Alter power is a mystery to anyone outside HOLY, mostly because its nature is itself obscure. She calls it Eternal Devote. What Scheris can do is plunge her hand into a body and alter its function for better or worse. Her capacity for this Alter power is very limited, but when pressed to use it, she will willingly put her own concerns aside to use it. In fact, Scheris can be quite a brave young girl. When she resolves to protect someone or something, she will put herself on the line to make the stand.

This becomes tragically clear when she discovers Ryuho on the verge of death, the result of a ruthless attack by the Alter he'd been seeking for so long. She knew the price she would have to pay, but she's brave enough to face that if Ryuho can live. What had begun as a simple infatuation had become true love. She truly loved him too much to see him die like this. And so, she took her power of Eternal Devote to its ultimate level to save Ryuho's life.

Saving his life takes absolutely everything she had. When it's over, the only things left are her clothes and her hair clip.

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