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Mimori KiryuMimori KiryuMimori Kiryu (s-CRY-ed)
18 years old (born October 3)18 years old (born October 3)
Scientific ResearcherScientific Researcher
Dorothy Elias-FahnYuko Nagashima

Character Description: Mimori Kiryu

Mimori Kiryu is the daughter of one of the most inflential people living in the mainland (her father is in fact the chief funding behind HOLY). When she was just a girl, she was taken to the Lost Ground so she could become acquainted. At that time, she introduced herself to a young Ryuho, a boy about her age that was also born into prominence. Ryuho seemed shy, but Mimori was determined to know more about this shy young man.

Suddenly, in an outburst of fear, Ryuho summons his Alter power. A piece of a nearby column disappears...and on the floor between the two of them was a crude, triangular-shaped piece of stone. It was the first time Mimori had seen an Alter, and unlike most people, Mimori wasn't scared of this strange power. On the contrary, she was instantly entranced with the marvel of Alter power. She keeps the stone Ryuho made that night as a memento, and she wears it still as a pendant.

Years pass. Mimori shows tremendous genius and graduates from college at a young age. As the story begins, Mimori has recently finished graduate school even though she's only 18. Still, her greatest fascination was about the Alter power. She wanted to learn more about it. And so, her father sends her back to the Lost Ground.

On the way there, she happens to meet Kazuma for the first time, and in a most unusual way. Kazuma was in the middle of a rescue operation, and he happens to use the wing of the airplane Mimori was riding as a jumping-off point! Fortunately, the damage to the plane was minor and it lands safely. Eventually (after a gut-wrenching ride courtesy of Straight Cougar), she arrives at HOLY headquarters.

Mimori is the only member of HOLY who isn't an Alter User, specifically assigned for scientific research regarding the Alter power. However, her research takes a back seat for various reasons.

First is Ryuho. She finally meets him again after so long, but he's changed so much in the interim it scares her. She begins to wonder if she can ever bring out the kinder Ryuho again. Of course, this puts her at odds with Scheris (she's after Ryuho herself).

Then there is the condition of the Inners. As she gains access to the outside, she discovers that the living conditions of the people here were nothing like she had envisioned. This becomes painfully clear when she and Kazuma cross paths again. She could see hatred in his eyes, but it's not hatred directed at her but at his plight--Kanami was ill, and he didn't know how to help. Fortunately, Mimori easily diagnoses Kanami's illness and treats her for it.

Seeing the situation on the outside makes her realize more is going on than she's being told. Using her secret connections, Mimori discovers some startling secrets about the Alter Users--secrets that nearly make her sick. However, she's discovered and imprisoned, only to be rescued by Straight Cougar. She's told to leave the Lost Ground, but she refuses. She has too much at stake to leave: the Inners, and especially Ryuho.

She soon makes contact with Asuka Tachibana, who was himself removed from HOLY for his failure to defeat Kazuma. But when she sees Kazuma on TV, she resolves to go to him; by finding Kazuma, she would find Ryuho. She arrives just in time to see the cataclysm unleashed by the two of them fighting, but she is forced to go back.

So for eight months, she worked with Tachibana as a smuggler, bringing supplies from the city to the outside and hoping for word on Ryuho. After a false start that leads to Kazuma, Mimori finally learns of Ryuho's whereabouts, and she resolves to reunite with him. And she's in for a surprise when she finally sees him again. Somehow, the Ryuho she once knew, the kinder Ryuho, was coming back (the joint result of eight months of amnesia and a new resolve that invovled going against HOLY).

At the same time, she notices something significant about the Inners who call the Lost Ground home. They seek nothing more than to call the place home--to make something of their situation with their own hands. This and her constant concern for Ryuho make Mimori even more attached to the Lost Ground. In the end, Mimori decides to sever her ties with the mainland and live as an Inner, making the Lost Ground her permanent home.

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