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Asuka TachibanaAsuka TachibanaAsuka Tachibana (s-CRY-ed)
Human Alter UserHuman Alter User
16 years old16 years old
Light BrownLight Brown
HOLY Native Hunter, later a smugglerHOLY Native Hunter, later a smuggler
Dave WittenburgTetsuya Iwanaga

Character Description: Asuka Tachibana

One of the youngest of the Native Hunters, Asuka Tachibana once took great pride in being a member of HOLY and doing his part. His inspiration for driving toward this goal is his girlfriend, Cammy.

But when he's assigned to follow Mimori Kiryu, he gets the shock of his life. He runs into Kazuma, the Native Alter who had been giving HOLY such a tremendous headache. Tachibana fights Kazuma...but he loses, and his right arm is broken in the process.

Because of his loss, not only is he removed from the ranks of HOLY, but he loses contact with Cammy. The triple whammy of losing the fight, his prestige, and his girl drive him crazy, and this makes him interfere in Kazuma and Ryuho's second encounter. In the ensuing upheaval, he and Kazuma become trapped underground.

Forced to work together, Tachibana finally gets a clear picture of what makes Kazuma tick. He realizes that Kazuma isn't crazy, just fighting with an implacable resolve. He also realizes why Kazuma is fighting: because HOLD and HOLY are intruding on the Inners. He's just defending his turf. Tachibana begins to realize that his own resolve had never been that strong. He'd been hiding behind that HOLY badge when he should've been trying to earn that privelege.

From then on, Tachibana resolves to earn his keep. Unable to return to HOLY, he takes up a job as a smuggler, stealing supplies from within the city to take to the Inners on the outside. He eventually makes contact with Mimori when he rescues them from a group of thugs. After the Second Uprising, the two continue working together, their mutual concern for Kazuma and Ryuho keeping them going.

But when Tachibana sees Kazuma again after the Uprising, he sees Kazuma a bitter man who's turning his back on his past. He tried to snap him back to his senses, but it doesn't work...right away.

Eternity Eight Tachibana's Alter power is called the Eternity Eight. They manifest as eight jade treasure balls that he can levitate and control with his will. The balls can serve a variety of functions. They can attack physically and also act as a shield against attacks. Their strongest power, however, is their ability to manipulate minds. When a ball sinks into a creature or person's head, he can control that person and see through that person's eyes. This doesn't work against Kazuma, however, because his will is even stronger. After the Second Uprising, Tachibana is also able to form a bow on his wrist and fire the Eternity Eight like an arrow, enhancing their power (he calls this the Eternity Extra Shot).

Tachibana continues to find his own way in the Lost Ground like everyone else. His hard work doesn't go unrewarded, however. At the end of the series, his girlfriend, Cammy, finds Tachibana and rejoins him.

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