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Kazuma TorisunaKazuma TorisunaKazuma Torisuna (s-CRY-ed)
Kazu-kun (to Kanami)
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NP3228 (His HOLY Inmate ID)
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Kazuma the Shell Bullet (after episode 13)
Human Alter UserHuman Alter User
16 years old16 years old
Reddish-brown (appears brown normally)Reddish-brown (appears brown normally)
Golden brownGolden brown
"No last name, just plain ol' Kazuma." (play clip)(play clip)
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"I don't care"
Steven Jay BlumSouichiro Hoshi

Character Description: Kazuma Torisuna

At first glance, you'd think Kazuma was just a little troublemaker. He lives with Kanami (they're not family), eking out a living in the Lost Ground. He tries his best to make ends meet, but he seems to detest "honest work". He prefers looking for flashier, more dangerous jobs--jobs only an Alter User can do--even if the pay isn't the best in the world.

As time progresses, we figure out that Kazuma's activities serve a purpose. Apart from trying to earn money for himself and Kanami, he's trying to stand up for the people of the Lost Ground who can't stand up for themselves (he's been known to slip some of his payments to troubled people).

Then he meets HOLY and Ryuho. He'd never met anyone so skilled with Alter, and Kazuma's soundly trounced. However, even as he's confined at HOLY's facility, he refuses to admit defeat (this ticks Ryuho off--he's never met anyone that headstrong). Eventually, with help from Mimori, he actually manages to escape back to the outside. As he learns of HOLD and HOLY and their underhanded tactics, Kazuma begins to focus his attention on them. After the thrashing he got from Ryuho, seeing their darker side just makes him that much angrier. He yearns to tear HOLD apart for trying to ruin people's lives. And if he can pay Ryuho back for their first encounter, all the better.

Kazuma As Mimori pointed out, Kazuma's Alter is a Harmonic Alter, integrating itself with Kazuma's body (more specifically, his right arm). With his Alter formed, he packs a rather powerful punch, a punch that he can augment by consuming one of his three Bullets (they manifest as red metallic fins on his back). He calls them Shocking First Bullet, Anihilating Second Bullet, and Exterminating Last Bullet. These bullets propel his Alter forward at speed to create a much more powerful impact. Rated originally at C-class, it may not seem much compared to Ryuho's Alter, but we soon discover that Kazuma is only warming up. He begins scoring victories against other members of HOLY. Even Ryuho is forced to fully release his own Alter in order to fight Kazuma a second time.

But with a sense that he isn't yet strong enough, Kazuma does what he does best: pick an option, charge headlong, and don't let anything stand in the way (contrary to what some may think, Kazuma does think before he acts most of the time; he just thinks very quickly). So he heads for the Alter Forest, full of wild animal Alter Users. There, Kazuma comes face to face with a peculiar Alter, one Ryuho had once told him about. In the course of the battle, he manages to rip a piece off the Alter, and this evolves his own Alter, making it much more powerful. He soon names this second form the Shell Bullet Ultimate. It's extremely powerful and the attack, Shell Bullet Burst, can be used repeatedly, though it tires his arm and leaves a lasting impression even on his normal form. Eventually, Kazuma's right eye closes due to injuries, and he covers his right arm, due to overuseage of Shell Bullet.

When he fights Ryuho the third time, this time with the Shell Bullet, the sheer force of their fight rips open a door to the "other side" (the plane that is the source of Alter power) and throws them into it briefly. In the aftermath of the Second Uprising that he and Ryuho unleash, Kazuma spends the next eight months fighting in an arena, fighting without a reason (this is because he'd gotten tired of helping people after his best friend, Kimishima, died shortly before the Uprising). After an encounter with Mimori and Asuka Tachibani, however, he begins to pick himself back up and starts looking for Kanami, ultimately finding her and Ryuho again at the same time...just before Kanami is kidnapped.

Kazuma's Alter reaches its ultimate form in the battle with Kyoji Mujo to rescue Kanami. Kazuma refused to surrender even to Kyoji's awesome power taken from the "other side" and keeps resisting to the point that his Alter draws on the energy from the assault and evolves itself, and the true realization of his Alter is formed, called Proud Fist, with Kazuma and the Alter completely united as one. With this, he soundly defeats Mujo and banishes him to the "other side".

But even in the end, there's still one thing Kazuma yearns: to see if he can beat Ryuho. It's said that to this day, the clashes of their perfectly-matched rivalry ring throughout the Lost Ground, inspiring people to stand up and be strong as well.

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