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Character Profile: Kunihiko Kimishima

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kunihiko KimishimaKunihiko Kimishima (君島 邦彦)Kunihiko Kimishima (s-CRY-ed)
17 years old17 years old
Inner (native of the Lost Ground)Inner (native of the Lost Ground)
"You know, sometimes, I'm so envious of you." (to Kazuma) (play clip)(play clip)
Lex LangTakumi Yamazaki

Character Description: Kunihiko Kimishima

Kunihiko Kimishima is Kazuma's best friend and partner since the two of them first met. Kimishima had been looking for an Alter User: one not too particular about the jobs he'd do for money. This is what led him to Kazuma. But it would become the beginning of a tight friendship that is as close as they would have to brotherhood: Kimishima having no family of his own and Kazuma having no one else but Kanami.

Kimishima frequently visits Kazuma, usually to offer those jobs Kazuma yearns for: the kind that need an Alter User to do the job. Though he always has a kind word for Kanami also, he respects Kazuma's wishes and keeps quiet about the specific nature of Kazuma's jobs. Kimishima has a fascination for vehicles, and he's always showing off his latest car (almost always some roughly-built vehicle). Unfortunately, his vehicles are often trashed in the course of Kazuma's jobs.

Then, when he and Kanami are captured by HOLD in an attempt to lure Kazuma into a trap, Kimishima finds himself defending Kazuma, particularly when Kazuma's activities are mysteriously broadcast throughout the Lost Ground. The people were about to turn against them when he did something decidedly crazy: he fought back. Stealing back his buggy, he carries Kanami to safety and promises to reunite her with Kazuma. In the process of rushing to helping Kazuma out, however, he's shot by pursuing HOLD vehicles. However, he never mentions this to Kazuma; he continues to help even as he's bleeding to death.

Since his car gets smashed in the fight, Kazuma has to carry him back to Kanami. It's only when he gets there, seeing Kanami's shocked expression and then her crying, that Kazuma realizes what had happened to Kimishima: he'd died of his gunshot wound as they'd arrived. Kimishima's death infuriates Kazuma and sets the stage for his climactic third fight with Ryuho: the fight which would shake up the Lost Ground with the Second Uprising.

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