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Straight CougarStraight CougarStraight Cougar (s-CRY-ed)
Human Alter UserHuman Alter User
21 years old21 years old
Red with white streaksRed with white streaks
Member of HOLYMember of HOLY
"I love it. Two more seconds to live..." (play clip)(play clip)
Crispin FreemanKyousei Tsukui

Character Description: Straight Cougar

He may not look it, but Straight Cougar is a very complex character.

Let's start with the obvious. He has a need for speed. He moves fast and he talks fast. He also seems to have a problem with names. He has a tendency to mispronounce Mimori and Kazuma's names (calling them Minori and Kazuya, respectively), and it always annoys them. It's soon clear that Cougar has some romantic interests in Mimori. Even as time passes and he realizes that she isn't interested, he persists for one reason or another (early on, he's just enjoying himself, but after the Second Uprising he uses the visits as a cover to pass along important information).

Episode 24 seemingly reveals that Straight Cougar and Kazuma are actually brothers, but then episode 26 finds Straight telling some kid that Kazuma is "like" his younger brother, so maybe not. Before Cougar had suddenly disappeared some time back, the two of them used to hang out together. Cougar was actually the man who came up with the idea of calling his attacks Shocking First Bullet and so on when he put the labels on his own Alter attacks.

Straight Cougar's Alter power is called Radical Good Speed. He personally calls it his ability to "shorten the world." It revolves around one thing: speed. His power usually manifests when he Alters a vehicle into a super-fast car, which he'll drive around at scary speeds. When the need arises, though, he can also create a Harmonic Alter on his legs, such that he can propel himself at incredible speeds.

Cougar is one of HOLY's loyalest agents, even if he isn't exactly the most consistent. His actions are sometimes outright insubordinate or crazy, but they're always with the long-term outlook of HOLY in mind (for example, he sprang Mimori from captivity in HOLY's own facility because he realized that her disappearance would lead to suspicion in the mainland). Even when he joins Kazuma and Ryuho in the outside late in the series, he does it to keep them in line since he's one of the few people with strong links to both of them. He has unusual ways of doing it, but he has a knack for getting them thinking and acting in a better direction.

He doesn't reveal it until late in the series, but in the interim between his disappearance and his reappearance and subsequent entry into HOLY, he had been one of the first Alter Users captured and sent to the mainland for experimentation and enhancement. But they went a little too far with him--mostly because he'd been holding back. He actually caught a glimpse of the "other side" as a result of the enhancement, but his body paid for it. Now he has another reason to go about the world on perpetual overdrive: his lifespan was seriously shortened. As a result of the enhancement, though, Cougar reveals an ability to wrap his high-speed Alter over his whole body.

He's also the kind of man who just won't stay down. Even with his enhanced Alter, he was no match for Kyoji Mujo. But Mujo didn't realize that Cougar still wasn't dead. This would come back to haunt him as Cougar evacuates the kidnapped Kanami from Mujo's headquarters, giving Kazuma free reign to attack Mujo.

In the final episode, he's doing something no one would think he'd do: kicking back and relaxing. He knew his time was about up, but Cougar seems to finally be satisfied with himself. He'd done all he wanted to do, crossed his personal finish line, and felt darn good about it. He even got to see Kazuma and Ryuho up in the sky, taking themselves beyond the known limits before he died, with both his shades and a smile on his face.

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