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Character Profile: Chise

USA Info
Japanese Info
Chise Chise Chise (SHE, The Ultimate Weapon)
Ultimate Weapon Seishu Heiki
Part Human, Part Machine Part Human, Part Machine
Female Female
17 years old 17 years old
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
Student, Commander of Japanese Military Student, Commander of Japanese Military
"I'm sorry, Shuji!!" "Gomennesai, Shu-chan!!"
Melissa Hutchinson Fumiko Orikasa
SHE, The Ultimate Weapon(Saikano) Saishu Heiki Kanojo(Saikano)

Character Description: Chise

Chise is a third-year senior high school student in Hokkaido who recently confessed her feelings to Shuji. She's a shy, timid, and clumsy girl who isn't very smart, yet is surprisingly good in history. Originally confessing to Shuji only as a bet by her friend, Akemi, to try improving her self-confidence, she and Shuji eventually start off an awkward relationship as both have a lack of understanding on the concepts of love. While on her way home one night after meeting with Shuji at an old military watch base, the Japanese military follows her and have her volunteer to have her body converted into the military's ultimate weapon.

While the changes to her body are supposed to be secret, Shuji eventually discovers her change when she destroys an entire enemy air fleet attacking the city of Sapporo. This complicates Shuji and Chise's relationship as Chise is unable to find time to spend with Shuji because of her duties with the military most of the time. Plus, Chise's weapon abilities evolve for each battle she becomes involved in making her feel less human bit by bit. As this happens, the weapon side of Chise often takes over whenever there is an enemy attack as this side is completely merciless towards anyone who is in her way as this side frightens Shuji if he's around Chise.

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