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Anime Profile: SHE, The Ultimate Weapon

USA Info
Japanese Info
SHE, The Ultimate Weapon Saishu Heiki Kanojo(最終兵器彼女) SHE, The Ultimate Weapon
· · ·
Saikano Saikano
13 TV episodes 13 TV episodes
2004 July 2, 2002–Sept. 24, 2002
Viz Gonzo/ Shogakukan
  Shin Takahashi
Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Akemi Akemi
· · ·
Chise Chise
· · ·
Fuyumi Fuyumi
· · ·
Shuji Shuji
· · ·
Tetsu Tetsu

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Anime Description: SHE, The Ultimate Weapon

Chise and Shuji are two third-year senior high school students in Hokkaido starting off an awkward relationship in their war-torn country. During an enemy attack, Shuji discovers a red light which wipes out the entire enemy air fleet in the area.

He becomes shocked to discover that Chise has been converted into an ultimate weapon by the Japanese government, given robotic implants to battle enemy forces. Shuji now questions how he can be in love with someone being used as a weapon of war. Chise tries to hold on to whatever humanity she has left in her as she loses it bit by bit for each battle she becomes involved in.

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