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Character Profile: Fuyumi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Fuyumi Fuyumi Fuyumi (SHE, The Ultimate Weapon)
Human Human
Female Female
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
Married to Tetsu, Shuji's first love Married to Tetsu, Shuji's first love
"You were so little back in junior high"(to Shuji)  
Elaine Clark Miki Itou
SHE, The Ultimate Weapon(Saikano) Saishu Heiki Kanojo(Saikano)

Character Description: Fuyumi

Fuyumi first appears in the episode that is also named after her, Episode 04: Fuyumi. She at first seems to be a very caring woman with feelings to Shuji, but all is not entirely what it seems.

FuyumiBefore the series starts, when Shuji is still very young, Fuyumi coached the track team he was on, and her boyfriend (assumed to be Tetsu) went away. So she did the unthinkable, and instead did it with Shuji. They both vowed that day that it would be their little secret. When she finally returns to the town, immediately catching Shuji's eye, she attempts to reignite their relationship whilst Tetsu is at war (coincidentally, in the same unit as Chise). At one point, although having promised to meet Chise at the lookout, Shuji instead spends the night at Fuyumi's house. However, Shuji eventually overcomes his childish crush on her for his feelings for Chise.

Fuyumi is a very weak woman. She needs a lot of attention, and even cries over Tetsu's old uniform when he's away. She'll do anything to do it with Shuji, blatantly offering herself to him almost anywhere. Despite this, however, she still harbours deep feelings for Tetsu in his absence, breaking down into tears when she receives word of his death.

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