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Sumire KanzakiSumire KanzakiSumire Kanzaki (Sakura Wars)
18 years old (born January 8, 1907)18 years old (born January 8, 1907)
Dark purpleDark purple
About 5'3"161 cm
About 110 lbs50 kg
Type BType B
Team Hana memberTeam Hana member
Sascha Biesi (OVA Seires 1)Michie Tomizawa
· · ·
Lauren Zinn (OVA Series 2)
· · ·
Leigh Anderson Fisher (TV)
· · ·
Michelle Ruff (Movie)
Sakura WarsSakura Taisen

Character Description: Sumire Kanzaki

Sumire is the only daughter and heir to the fabulously wealthy Kanzaki family, which has built an empire of industry and other holdings throughout Japan. Highly opinionated, Sumire constantly has to be the center of attention, and thinks that her opinion matters above everyone else's. This leaves her constantly butting heads with Kanna, who has made it her hobby to rain on Sumire's parade. An extremely talented actress, Sumire fiercely defends her assertion of being the "Top Star" of the Flower Division, which the others have come to accept. Even though she comes off at times like a snobbish prima donna, a stereotypical "poor little defenseless rich girl" she is not. Sumire is a master of the Kanzaki Fujin Ryu style on the Naginata, and is one of the Flower Division's most aggressive fighters.

During a chance visit to Kanzaki Heavy Industries to visit her grandfather when she was younger, the company was working on the development of the Koubu. Regrettably, all the test pilots the Imperial Army had provided proved too weak in spiritual power to move the mecha. When Sumire's massive spiritual energy set off the detectors in the room, she volunteered to try and pilot the prototype Koubu. Succeeding beyond the engineers' wildest expectations, Sumire made the project successful and development was able to proceed on the Koubu for the Capital Defense Program. Given that this is the case, Sumire feels a sense of proprietorship over the rest of the Flower Division; because without her, there would probably be no Koubu for the girls to fight with in the first place.

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