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Sakura WarsSakura Taisen (サクラ大戦)Sakura Wars
4 OVA Episodes (OVA Series 1)4 OVA Episodes (OVA Series 1)
· · ·
6 OVA Episodes (OVA Series 2)6 OVA Episodes (OVA Series 2)
· · ·
26 TV Episodes26 TV Episodes
· · ·
1 Movie1 Movie
· · ·
4 OVA Episodes (OVA Series 3: Sumire & Ecole de Paris)4 OVA Episodes (OVA Series 3: Sumire & Ecole de Paris)
· · ·
3 OVA Episodes (OVA Series 4: Le Nouveau Paris)3 OVA Episodes (OVA Series 4: Le Nouveau Paris)
· · ·
6 OVA Episodes (OVA Series 5: New York NY.)6 OVA Episodes (OVA Series 5: New York NY.)
A.D. Vision/Monster (TV Series, OVA Series 1 & 2)
· · ·
Pioneer Entertainment/Bang Zoom! Entertainment (movie)
· · ·
FUNimation (OVA Series 3)
Kosuke Fujishima
Mecha, Sci-FiMecha, Sci-Fi
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Characters: Sakura Wars

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Iris Chateaubriand Iris Chateaubriand Sumire Kanzaki Sumire Kanzaki
Kohran Ri Kohran Ri Kanna Kanna
Maria Tachibana Maria Tachibana Oogami Oogami
Sakura Shinguji Sakura Shinguuji Yoneda Yoneda

Description: Sakura Wars

In the Spring of 1919 (Taisho-8), young Sakura Shinguji diligently practices kendo in her home town of Sendai. Meanwhile, the imperial capital is still recovering from the damage made during the last Demon War which ended one year ago. Count Hanakouji and Yoneda plan for the formation of an anti-demon attack force - the Imperial Floral Assault Unit (Teigeki).

Within Kanzaki Heavy Industry of Kawasaki, secret construction is underway for the armament and weaponry of the Teigeki. These include the first generation of steam mecha unit "Oubu", the airship "Shougeimaru" (Flying Whale) and the underground bullet train "Gouraigou" (Rumbling Thunder). The operation of the Oubu requires a pilot with very good control of Ryoushiryoku (psychic power), which is very difficult to find. Therefore the grand-daughter of the president of Kanzaki Heavy Industry, Sumire, volunteers for the test-drive of the Oubu.

Meanwhile, Ayame is seaching all over the world for other candidates with exceptional psychic power: Kouran in Shanghai, Maria in New York, Kanna in Hong Kong.

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