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Character Profile: Iris Chateaubriand

USA Info
Japanese Info
Iris ChateaubriandIris Chateaubriand (アイリス シャトーブリアン)Iris Chateaubriand (Sakura Wars)
9 years old (born July 5, 1913)9 years old (born July 5, 1913)
3'9"115 cm
44.1 lbs20 kg
Type ABType AB
Part of flower divisonPart of flower divison
Larrissa Wolcott (TV); Carrie Savage (Movie)Kumiko Nishihara (TV and Movie)
Sakura WarsSakura Taisen

Character Description: Iris Chateaubriand

Iris is one of the more shyish character. At first she hates Sakura then starts to trust her. She always has this teddy bear with her who she says is named Jean-Paul. She wishes she could be 19 so she would be able to date Oniichan. She uses telapatic powers.

She was born in Champagne, France. She came to the flower divison when Ayame convinced Iris's parents to let her go to Japan. Iris is their only daughter and they are very protective of her.

Character Description: Iris Chateaubriand

Iris is the only daughter of Count Robert Chateaubriand, from a wealthy and important family in Champagne, France. Iris' powers came to her early in her life. That is the reason why Iris' father placed her in a solitary, single room, in Sologna Castle, the Chateaubriands' residence, to protect her from recklessly using her powers against herself or anyone else. Although the Chateaubriands feared her, they still cared enough to give her cake and presents on her birthday, even though Iris would spend it alone with a menagerie of her stuffed animals. Through it all, her best friend is her teddy bear, Jean-Paul, which rarely leaves her side.

When Iris was recruited into the Flower Division, it was found that she possessed the highest amount spiritual powers of anyone within the Division. Iris quickly adopted herself to her new family. Although Iris wants to prove to everyone that she is an adult, her outward appearance and mannerisms are still juvenile and would become violent. At one point, Iris was so angry with Kanna's and Sumire's bickering that she released her spiritual powers on the stage. Iris destroyed the set, and hurt all of the members, at that time, of the Imperial Theatrical Troupe, the public front to hide the secret Flower Division.

Iris' gold-colored Koubu is equipped with mechanical hands on both arms and employs a spirit-transmission control mechanism. This steam-powered "Spirit Armor" allows Iris to amplify her already strong spiritual powers, while protecting her physical damage and spiritual radiation. Iris' powers was the most diverse throughout the OVA, TV series, and the movie. In the first OVA series, Iris used "Bear Repair" on Captain Ogami's Koubu after he fought a tough battle. In the TV series, Iris' powers included teleportation, a spiritual shield, and a spiritual "wash" that dramatically increased the spiritual powers of Iris and the others of the Flower Division. In the movie, Iris was the focal point of the "Imperial Capital Spiritual Barricade Formation", which makes a quick end to any large battle with the Kouma or demons. Iris was also able to levitate and then throw Sakura's Koubu, with accuracy, to help Sakura defeat the final boss demon/monster.

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