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Character Profile: Chief Haro

USA Info
Japanese Info
Chief Haro Chief Haro Chief Haro (SD Gundam Force)
Robot(or maybe a human disguised as a robot) Robot(or maybe a human disguised as a robot)
Male Male
None None
Black(glow yellow when he's talking.) Black(glow yellow when he's talking.)
Chief of the Super Dimensional Guard Chief of the Super Dimensional Guard
  Takahiro Yoshimizu
SD Gundam Force SD Gundam Force

Character Description: Chief Haro

Chief Haro is the commanding officer of the Super Dimensional Guard. He appears to be a tall humanoid robot with a Haro for a head. He is charged with ensuring the peace and tranquility of Neotopia, and he deploys the Gundam Force as needed to drive back the forces of the Dark Axis.

One of his tasks, however, is to try to keep his operations as quiet and above all secret as possible. The less people know about the SDG's operations, the less risk the SDG base faces. The SDG base is in fact a giant hand-shaped ship suspended in the sky by a cable attached to a geostationary satellite. Under normal conditions, it disguises itself as a cloud.

Towards the end of the first season, you begin to get the impression that Haro's not a robot but a human in disguise. Exactly who is under the Haro has yet to be revealed, but hints abound.

Note: In some season two episodes, Chief Haro can be seen hugging Shute's mom aboard one of the S.D.G ships, which could imply that the Chief is really Shute's dad. Not saying it's true, just that it might be a possibility.

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