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ShuteShuteShute (SD Gundam Force)
About 12 yearsAbout 12 years
Special Member of the Gundam ForceSpecial Member of the Gundam Force
"Let's GO!"
SD Gundam ForceSD Gundam Force

Character Description: Shute

Shute is the first human to witness the assault of the Dark Axis. This is also the place where he first witnesses Captain Gundam in action. However, in an act to help protect Shute, Captain Gundam gets blown away. It turns out he gets blown through the roof and right into his bedroom! Discovering this when he comes home, Shute tries to help Captain, but he wakes up and leaves (at the time, Captain was still under orders to cover his identity). Then, in the middle of Captain Gundam's return to the battle, Shute's appearance and encouragement causes something remarkable; it activates Captain Gundam's Soul Drive, supercharging Captain Gundam and allowing him to drive the Dark Axis away.

Because Shute seems uniquely able to activate the Soul Drive, Captain Gundam starts living with him (though now in disguise). Shute realizes that he can help the cause, so he takes an active role in helping and encouraging Captain Gundam and eventually the rest of the Gundam Force. He's soon made into a special member of the Gundam Force in recognition of his unique abilities and is entrusted with the secrets of the Super Dimensional Guard.

Shute is an energetic youth. Bright and inventive, he's always coming up with new and interesting things, usually to help in the fight against the Dark Axis. He loves skating around on his in-lines, and he's tinkered with them quite a bit. At the beginning of the series, he'd just installed jet boosters on his skates. He eventually adds magnetic wheels he can switch on and off. Both the booster and the magnetic wheels are controlled by the cell phone he always carries with him. He also programs a voice changer into the phone, allowing him to disguise his voice, and it proves key when he rescues Captain and Zero from the Dark Axis dimension (he pretends to be Zapper Zaku to get the dimensional gate open). Shute is also incredibly (at times foolishly) brave, sometimes diving into situations without totally realizing what's involved but always with the sheer will and determination to succeed.

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