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Character Profile: Captain Gundam

USA Info
Japanese Info
Captain Gundam   Captain Gundam (SD Gundam Force)
Gundam(android) Gundam(android)
Male Male
None(but white metal) None(but white metal)
Blue Blue
4'11" 150 cm
586 lbs. 265.8 kg
Defender of Neotopia Defender of Neotopia
· · ·
"I have been granted special dispensation to use firearms to defend Neotopia."  
Doug Erholz Hiroshi Kamiya
SD Gundam Force SD Gundam Force

Character Description: Captain Gundam

Captain Gundam (Captain as Shute calls him) is a Mobile Gundam created by the SDG (Superior Defense Guard) to protect Neotopia. His identity was a secret, and the citizens aren't aware of his existence. He has been given special clearance to use a wide variety of weapons to defend his homeland.

The most vital and powerful component within him is the Soul Drive, the source of his life and power. The Soul Drive was first activated to it's full potential when Captain met with Shute near a factory during his first fight with Zapper Zaku of the Dark Axis. After that, Captain (once he gets Commander Haro to allow it) takes on a "Mobile-Citizen" form so he can stay with Shute, whose presence seems to activate the Soul Drive, enabling Captain to be a stronger fighter.

Heroic and brave, Captain is also a little stiff and doesn't always understand emotions. He was a bit envious that Zero and Bakunetsumaru had them. He did eventually gain an upgrade that enabled him to have emotions, though he makes the wrong expression sometimes at first.

When the Dark Axis took over, the Soul Drive's true power was realized (able to link up with Neotopia's net collective of Mobile Citizens, and the Bagu Bagu), which resulted in BOTH canceling the Control Horns and reversing the effects of the Bagu Bagu. But the Soul Drive was stolen by Red-Zaku and was given to Dark Axis Commander Sazabi, until Shute took it back and reawakened Captain, who fought Sazabi and destroyed him.

Despite fulfilling his mission to protect Neotopia, Captain decided to help Zero and Bakunetsumaru free their worlds from tyranny on the SDG's new base, the dimensional vessel Gundamusai.

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