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DeathSyctheDeathsyctheDeathSycthe (SD Gundam Force)
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Knight of DarknessKnight of Darkness
Knight GundamKnight Gundam
Yellow (Stealth)Yellow (Stealth)
Doug Erholtz
SD Gundam ForceSD Gundam Force

Character Description: DeathSycthe

The enigmatic Deathscythe first appeared to be a servant of Tallgeese, though he seemed to only do menial tasks. But in truth he was Deed, one of the Knights of La Croa and Zero's best friend. Deed developed a deep love for the princess, bordering on obsession. He even wished he could be changed into a human to be with her. But the princess favors Zero more, which made Deed extremely jealous. These feelings led to him hatching an evil plan...

Deed discovered the location of one of the 4 sacred beasts, the Joumangard. Coming to Tallgeese and pretending to swear allegiance to him, he convinced the evil Knight to contact the Dark Axis and ally with them so he may become ruler of Lacroa. Tallgeese loved the idea and went along with it, no idea that Deed was playing him for a sucker.

The Dark Axis invaded and of course the 5 Knights did their best to defend their homeland. After Zero was sent to protect the princess, Deed revealed his true colors when he was given a clear escape by his new allies. The others were shocked by his betrayal, but continued fighting the invaders to the end. With Lacroa now in the hands of the Dark Axis, Deed merged with the Joumangard and activated it's cloaking abilities, taking on semi-transparent form with only his eyes and some bits of his armor seen. From that moment, Deed took the new name of Deathscythe, perhaps partially ashamed for the actions he'd committed which explains why he's usually invisible.

After Tallgeese was sealed, Deathscythe was placed in charge of Lacroa by the Dark Axis. He helped Tallgeese escape his dimensional prison with the dangerous Cursed Sword of Epyon, though he 'forgot' to reveal that prolonged use of the sword apparently allows the spirit of Epyon to posses the wielder. During the duel between Zero and Epyon heats up, Deathscythe uses his power to drop the Gundamusai out of the Minovs Sea and into Lacroa, separating the Gundam Force.

Deathscythe then created a fake Princess from a rose to take Zero and his group into the Garden of Knowledge, where Deathscythe traps them and reveals not only his past but that the fake princess was to find the secret of the White Bagu Bagu so he could awaken the real princess with it and become a hero in her eyes. He orders the fake to give him this info but she has changed whilst being with the other Gundams and refuses. Angered, Deathscythe returns her back to a rose. Tallgeese appears and attacks his former 'ally' for his betrayal, though in vain. But Tallgeese frees Fenn from the trap and Zero fight his former friend, angry that Deed betrayed their kingdom. Suddenly, Joumangard un-merges from Deed, apparently disgusted by its master's plans and wanted nothing more to do with him.

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