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Character Profile: Musubi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Musubi Musubi(結 ) Musubi (Sekirei)
Sekirei #88  
Sekirei Sekirei
Female Female
Appears 18 years old Appears 18 years old
Brown Brown
Orange Orange
Sekirei of Minato Sahashi Sekirei of Minato Sahashi
"By the fists of the contract, my Ashikabi's perils will be shattered!"  
Alexis Tipton Saori Hayami
Feather 1, "Sekirei" Feather 1, "Sekirei"
Sekirei Sekirei

Character Description: Musubi

Musubi (also known as Sekirei #88) literally landed upon Minato Sahashi's lap while she was fleeing two other Sekireis, Hikari and Hakibi, mostly because at the time, Musubi was an 'unwinged' Sekirei (a Sekirei that hadn't found her Ashikabi). It was at great risk that the kind-hearted Minato had taken the girl to his apartment – the risk being his landlord at the time would throw them out (and eventually did) if he discovered he taken a girl to live there. It was during Musubi's second battle with Hikari and Hikibi that she kissed Minato, which enabled her to match his DNA with hers, thus awakening her powers.

Musubi is a fist-type Sekirei. This means she has immense strength, and is well versed in martial arts, mostly due to the training of their new landlady, the widowed Sekirei Maya Asama. Unfortunately, she can be very childish and jealous of any other Sekirei – with the exception of Kusano – who shows any affection towards Minato. And for a time, she didn't have any sense of modesty, as at times she would undress in front of Minato, giving the poor boy a good view of her very large breasts. However, during battles which her miko-like clothing gets torn off, she makes it a habit of being as modest as possible – and still win.

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